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FREE 15 Minute Consultation

This is a quick conversation to learn about me, what I do, what your issues are and see if WE are FIT together so you can benefit from my services.

Free · 15 minutes

Consultation/Initial Visit

This appointment is for those that are seeing Kris for the first time. Kris will do discuss his methods, do a full assessment, give you your first treatment and explain to you what may be wrong, how he may be able to help, and how long it will take.

$100 · 45 minutes

Follow/Tune-Up Appointment

This appointment is for those that are looking for a follow-up visit or in need of a tune-up

$50 · 20 minutes

Reassessment - Haven't been seen in 3+ years

This is an appointment for those who haven not seen Kris in 3 or more years. He will need to re-evaulate your issues, do an assessment and treatment.

$75 · 30 minutes

Tuesday Night Activation

This is a monthly Group Distance Session that reoccurs every Tuesday at 9PM EST. See more information at

$50 · 30 minutes

Kris Belfry