** AS OF 7/12/21, APPOINTMENTS ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED TO VISIT HMT! ** Our open hours are now 11-5 Sunday & Monday, and 11-7 Tuesday through Saturday. You may drop in anytime during those hours. In certain circumstances, we may prefer to schedule an appointment for a customer to meet with a particular staff member. If you were sent to this link by our staff, feel free to use the system below to schedule your appointment. Call us at 301-270-9090 or email hmtmail@hmtrad.com if you have any questions about visiting our store.

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Repair Drop-off

Book this appointment to drop off an instrument for repair. If you like, you may add details on your appointment about your item and what repairs you need. If your item is not in a case, please bring it in a box or sturdy bag. Please note: at this time, we are generally not able to accommodate on-the-spot restrings or other minor repairs. Please be prepared to leave your instrument and pick it up after we've notified you.

15 minutes

Pre-paid Order Pickup

Pick up your order pre-paid through our website, through our online invoicing system, or over the phone. If you placed an order through our website, before booking this appointment, wait for our email or phone confirmation that we have your order in stock. If you prefer, we're happy to bring your order outside to the parking lot or to your car - just call us when you arrive.

Free · 5 minutes

Rental Pickup

For our fretted/folk instrument rentals: rental instrument availability is limited, so we recommend inquiring in advance and completing your rental contract & payment over the phone. After this has been completed, you may schedule a pickup appointment. If you need to rent a violin, viola, cello or wind/brass instrument, please do so through our NEMC partner program online at https://www.nemc.com/house-of-musical-traditions/ . You can choose the ship-to-home option - though if you prefer to pick up at our store, you can make this appointment to pick up after you've received our confirmation.

Free · 15 minutes

Repair Pickup

When you have received our notification that your repair is ready to be picked up, you may schedule a repair pickup appointment. Your repair bill can either be paid when you pick up (credit card is preferred), or if you prefer, we can email you an invoice that can be paid in advance online with credit card. When you arrive outside our store, if you do not see a staff member at our tented curbside station, call us at (301) 270-9090.

Free · 10 minutes

Rental Return

Book this appointment if you need to return either a band/orchestra instrument rented through our NEMC program, or one of our fretted/folk instrument rentals.

Free · 5 minutes

Consignment/Trade/Sale Drop-off

Before making an appointment to drop off an item for us to consider for consignment, trade, or to purchase, *please email us in advance* with information and photos on your item. Once we have confirmed we would like to have you bring it to us for consideration for sale at our shop, you may book this appointment. No offers or evaluations will be made on the spot. We will contact you with offers after we evaluate your item. Please bring a photocopy of your drivers license and include with the item (or you can email us a scan or photo of your license). This is required for our reporting to the county on secondhand personal property acquisitions.

Free · 5 minutes

Purchase Inquiry

This appointment is for speaking with our staff in person, and browsing items/trying instruments. Please include a note on your appointment booking about what you're looking for. All indoor visitors must wear a mask properly, and must wash their hands at one of our stations before handling any items.

Free · 15 minutes

Instrument Donation Drop-Off

Book this appointment if you are dropping off instruments for donation. We accept donations for non-profits Hungry For Music, Music 4 More and Institute of Musical Traditions.

Free · 10 minutes


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