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New Patient Evaluation Monday-Thursday ONLY

Review of personal and medical history Evaluation of basic functional movement Bone, Joint, Muscle and Fascial Testing

Starting at $75 · 30 minutes


15-20 Minute Session of Skeletal Realignment with pre and post testing.

Starting at $45 · 15 minutes


Infrared Sauna: Revitalize, Relax, Reboot! Recharge you mitochondria, the energy producers of your cells..Get a sweat on and release those backed up leftovers that are holding you back!!

$25 · 30 minutes


Reassessment of progress Typically Held at the 4-6 week window All previous milestones evaluated DOES NOT INCLUDE ADJUSTMENT

$40 · 15 minutes

Gait Analysis

3 dimensional testing of movement Partnered with Manual Muscle Testing of affected areas Correction discussed and recommendations made

$30 · 15 minutes


Evaluation and application of Rock Tape Performance Injury Repair Instability

$40 · 15 minutes

Dr. Rogers