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Holistic nutrition practice focusing on reconnecting you to your body and food. By promoting mindfulness and self-awareness, Well Made centers self-healing, patience, and body compassion to create a path that allows you to live the fulfilling life that you want. 〰 Please be aware that most communication regarding appointment booking is done via email. After you book an appointment, you will receive a personalized email requesting you confirm the day, time, meeting place and other details of the appointment. If there is no reply within 48 hours, it will be assumed you are unable to attend and your appointment will be canceled. Thank you so much for understanding!
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Our Services

Free Discovery Call
Schedule a complementary 20-minute phone consultation to discuss your nutritional goals, health concerns and learn more about how you can begin your path toward healing, health and wellness.
Nutrition Counseling Session
Three-month commitment with weekly one-hour holistic nutrition counseling sessions (four sessions per month). Customized mindfulness-based nutrition therapy to create, initiate and track lifestyle behavior changes regarding stress management, self-care, eating, and movement. Discuss health concerns, create realistic goals and gather the tools to better connect to body, heal the relationship with food and improve overall health and wellness.
Initial Nutrition Consultation
Schedule an Initial Nutrition Consultation to discuss current health concerns, assess your individual nutritional needs and create healthy lifestyle goals. Clients will understand their unique energy needs. Includes general nutrition education documents to get you started on your path toward healing, health, and wellness. New clients only.
60-Minute Follow-Up
A Follow-Up Appointment may be scheduled post nutrition intervention therapy course or Initial Nutrition Consultation to discuss goal progress, long-term lifestyle modifications and check in with your current nutritional status, health concerns and eating patterns. Clients who have completed any of the monthly programs or full-length initial consultations may schedule a follow-up appointment.
30-Minute Follow-Up

Our Staff

Chelsea Caravella