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Relationship Charts (two people). Synastry and/or Composite Chart Reading

*NOTE: BOTH PARTIES must have had a natal chart astrology reading with Kelly before you can book this option. This is for all kinds of relationships: parent to child, partners, business partners, etc. Wondering about your relationships with others as the cosmos sees it? Allow Kelly to interpret your astrology charts based on your own free-will journey on this Earth together. Both parties need not be both present in order to have chart read, but it is HIGHLY recommended that both parties be present if they are 13 years old or older. Permission from the partner must be asked before a reading can be done.

Price Varies $220 · 2 hours

Mini Reading for Difficult Times

I am offering a donation based 30 minute reading for those who are suffering and needing clarity during this time of the Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn stellium. By looking at your natal chart combined with your progressed chart and transits, we can gain clarity about how you can best ride this time of uncertainty. All readings are by donation and you can choose to pay later if you need to! No one will be turned away for lack of funds. A paypal link will be sent to you after the reading and you can choose your amount. Blessing to all during this trying time! ~Kelly

Free · 30 minutes

Full Natal Chart Reading

A full reading of your astrology chart. Appointments last between 1hr and 45 minutes-2 hrs.

Price Varies $195 · 1 hour 45 minutes

One Question Astrology Reading

*NOTE: You must have had a previous astrology reading with Kelly before you can choose the One Question option. Do you have a burning question about something pressing in your life? Receive answers in a soul-based way towards your most fruitful outcome based on your astrology chart.

Price Varies $60 · 45 minutes

Transit/Progressions Chart Reading

*NOTE: you must have had a natal reading with Kelly before you can choose this option. See what's ahead for you during the next year (and more) through your transits and progressions. Kelly's transit and progressions chart readings are soul-based on the journey of your soul towards Oneness. Her readings thus, are based on free-will and the evolution of your personal journey.

Price Varies $140 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Kelly Smith