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Permanent Makeup & Eyelash Extension Studio specializing in Powder/Shaded Brows, Microblading, Eyeliner, Lips, Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lifts, Eyebrow Shaping/Waxing, Henna Brows & Facials.

Please Read!
Must be 18 or older to book & not taking any blood thinners/consuming alcohol at least 24 hrs prior to appointment. If you do not disclose all medical conditions/daily medications (including over the counter and vitamins) or that you are pregnant or nursing, our staff will may not be able to work on you & a cancellation fee will be applied. To avoid charges & loss of procedure please communicate with us prior. If booking for eyeliner, remove lash extensions prior to the appt & discontinue using lash growth serums at least 6 weeks prior.

If you have previous work done please contact us prior to booking or schedule a consultation. Pricing will be based on individual
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Our Services

Volume Set
This is the most dramatic set! Super full and fluffy lashes! But don't be afraid these lashes are still great for everyday wear!
The Hybird full set (Mixed Set)
This set is a fun lash mix. A mix of classic and volume is perfect to spice things up.
Microblading 1st session
Fill in the gaps in your natural brows with Microblading hair strokes that look like real eyebrows not a makeup finish. This service requires 2 sessions in order to obtain the desired result
Powder/Shaded Brows 1st Session
Powder consists of making a design of your eyebrow based on the geometry of your face, then the design is filled with a machine tool that creates a soft powdery more makeup look. This service requires 2 sessions in order to obtain the desired result.
Second Session
An 8 week touch up is included with every new procedure. I call this the perfection session, here we will ensure pigment and saturation in the skin. *This service must be done within 10 weeks of your initial appointment, or additional fees will apply*
Permanent Eyeliner
Top and bottom liner. This service is performed with a tattoo machine and is permanent. This service also include an eyelash enhancement, meaning I'll work into your eyelashes to prevent it from looking separated.
Lip Blush/Color
Give your lips a boost of color and definition with a permanent lip tattoo! We use numbing cream which makes discomfort minimal. *Follow up is not included must be booked separately* (This will be the 8 week option).
Fabulous Facial
This facial will be customized for your specific needs, leaving you with relaxed, and amazing looking skin! Includes cleanse, analysis, exfoliation, extractions, nourishment and massage.
Consultation Brows, Eyeliner, or Lips
A consultation is a must for any permanent makeup service. If your are more comfortable talking in person great! I would love to have you! We can ensure that your are a candidate for the service your are looking to get done, as well, as color and shape ( So make sure to bring your pictures or pictures of brows that you love!!!)
Chemical Resurfacing
Combat dryness and fine lines, even skin tone, reduce sunspots and clear your skin. This is the perfect treatment for someone who wants to kick their skin into gear and see immediate results with the application of customized acids. Proper home care is a must and we will make sure you are armed with all the necessary products and education.
Lash Lift & Tint
Eliminate the need for an eyelash curler! If you have great eyelashes and just want the curl this option is for you! A tint is included in this service to darken your newly curled lashes that will last about 6-8 weeks!
Lash Removal
A quick, healthy way to remove lash extensions if you need a break. (You should never *need* a break, but if you, for whatever reason, want a break from extensions.)
Brow Tint
Using a vegetable based dye, we tint your brows a flattering color. Lasts about 2 weeks, depending upon aftercare and daily activities.
Lash & Brow Tint
Using a vegetable based dye, we tint the lashes and brows. Lasts about 2 weeks, depending upon aftercare and daily activities.
Henna Brow
PLEASE READ* BEFORE BOOKING THIS SERVICE A PATCH TEST IS A MUST IF YOU ARE A NEW CLIENT! Not ready to commit to anything permanent? No problem! Henna brows are the perfect option to see if permanent makeup is for you.Henna brow is a temporary tattoo that result in a natural fuller brow, that stains the hair and skin where applied, lasting up to 2 weeks on the skin and about 6 on the hairs.
Henna Brow Patch test
Book this service if you are a new client or have never had henna tattoo before. This is a must to rule out any allergic reactions
Combo Brows First Session
A mix of micoblading and shading that produces a more filled in makeup look. This service requires 2 sessions in order to obtain the desired result
Li-ft Removal
Li-FT is an all-natural Saline Pigment Removal Solution. Li-FT contains no chemicals and no acids. With saline removal most of the tattoo pigment is lifted up through the surface of the skin. This procedure may require more than one session additional fees apply for each additional session
Consultation Eyelash Extensions
For all transferring clients (who are wearing lash extensions), a consultation is required so we can see the state of your current extensions, and the health of your natural lashes. At that time, we will discuss our next lash steps (removal and a new set? can I lash what you have, can I give you what you want? etc etc etc). If you want lash extensions, and are fairly allergy prone, please book a consultation so we can do a patch test. **We cannot perform any new lash sets or re-lashes at your 15 minute consultation.
12-18 month Touch-up
EXISTING CLIENTELE ONLY. If you have permanent makeup or microblading from another artist, please contact us prior to booking. Refresh your color and maintain your brow color, shape or strokes looking amazing!
9-12 Month Touch
FOR EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY. If you have any permanent make up or microblading done by another artist please call us prior to booking.
Classic Set
This set is the most natural and traditional set. Meaning one natural eyelash to one eyelash extension. Classic lashes are perfect for clients that already have a lot of eyelashes and just want to add length. We ask that you arrive to your appointment with clean lashes, as this takes away from you getting as much lashing time as possible 😊

Our Staff

Angelica Saenz
Angelica is a former manicurist gone full cosmetology in 2007 and now the owner of her 3rd business in this industry. She provides all of our services and is trained and certified in all Permanent Makeup Services since 2012 and currently holds 3 Microblading trainings, with her most recent being in July/2019. Angelica is fluent in spanish and you can her online portfolio on Instagram and Facebook @lashandbrowphilosophy.
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