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Discuss starter a loc size and part ratio

Free · 30 minutes

Loc Retwist and Style

Retwist and a basic style No shampoo (NO WASH)

Starting at $80 · 2 hours

Micro Loc Maintenance

Shampoo, Retwist on Micro Locs This service is for small locs similar to sister locs

$100 · 3 hours

Just One-Hair Sprinkles

one locs, faux locs, braids, twists

3 Options

Loc Style Ony

Basic style

Starting at $35 · 30 minutes

Shampoo Locs

Wash locs no retwist or style

$25 · 20 minutes

Loc Retwist

Do not include shampoo (Wash) Client hair should be washed before service

Starting at $70 · 1 hour

Loc Maintenance

Shampoo and retwist

Starting at $80 · 2 hours

Loc Maintenance & Style

Shampoo, retwist and basic style

Starting at $90 · 2 hours

Loc Rope Braids

Shampoo, Retwist and Single Braids.

Starting at $130 · 2 hours

2 Strand Twist/Ropes (above shoulder)

Shampoo, retwist and 2 strand twist

5 Options

Curls - above shoulder

Curls sets can be done with Perm Rods or Flexi Rods.

4 Options

Pipe Cleaners

Shampoo, Retwist and Style with Pipe cleaners. Client leaves with pipe cleaners in.

Starting at $130 · 3 hours

Loc Repair

Repair thinning Loc. One Loc is $5 each.

$5 · 5 minutes

Loc Reattachment

Reattach a broken Loc. One Loc is $7 each.

$7 · 5 minutes

Locs With Fade/Undercut

For clients that only have locs on the top of their head

Starting at $60 · 1 hour

ACV Wash

Apple Cider Vinegar wash is a deep cleaning for your Locs.

$15 · 15 minutes

Deep Condition

$15 · 30 minutes

Hot Oil Treatment

$15 · 30 minutes

Color Retouch

Retouch/Root . Client must bring in color.

10 Options

Kechea Williams