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Asiah, or “Ase,” is a mother and grandmother. She has had a full-time career in real estate/property management for 21 years. Ase’s connection with spirits has always been very strong ever since childhood. She uses her abilities to communicate with spirit to help guide those who trust her to do so, those who may feel lost, sad or just inquisitive. She lives each day in hopes of making someone else’s day just a little bit brighter.


At the age of 15, Carlton began to study metaphysics, due to the death of his grandmother, who was also a healer. It was then when he realized that he was able to communicate with other Multi-dimensional beings outside of what “normal perception” allows. That gift grew exponentially. At a rapid rate, he was able to begin to channel metaphysical multi-dimensional data/information from Angels and other light-filled beings. This talent he possesses did not happen overnight, it developed with intensive studying habits, hours of practice, and understanding all modalities of metaphysic teachings through numerous amounts of literature on New Age Occult Ascension techniques, and perspectives on High Ceremonial and Ritual Magick. Traditional and New Age Hermetic principles on vibrational frequency are the foundation of his practice to understand tarot cards, oracle cards, dream interpretation, and much more.


Greg Magee is an empath and healer who, after a near death experience - that came in the form of a heart attack and various nervous system failures; resulting in losing his ability to walk amongst other issues - came into realizing his own abilities as a healer and psychic. After practicing meditation and reconnecting with Gaia/The Earth, he regained his ability to walk unsupported and found a new life purpose to help heal others and to assist in their own divine path/spiritual awakening through various spiritual practices and divination uses. Greg’s offerings are: Oracle readings Tarot Readings Elder Futhark Runes Automatic writing Light Language Usui Reiki Master Rainbow Reiki Sound healing - bowls and voice Mudra Teacher Life Coaching



Hope is a natural born intuitive and empath. She loves using her gifts to help others and views herself as a spiritual life coach. Her personalized messages are meant to provide hope, peace and clarity. With all of life’s challenges, her intent is to create a safe haven for self-discovery, growth and exploration!



Kari is an Intuitive Empath who discovered her intuitive abilities after going through traumatic life events such as domestic violence, anxiety, depression, and near-death experiences. Kari found healing with crystals, meditation, metaphysical modalities, and inner child work along her path to heal & now strives to use her own experiences & Intuitive abilities to help others heal and expand their relationship with the universe. Kari is a mother to a beautiful 4-year old little girl, a Reiki Practitioner, along with being a Certified Tarot Reader through SoulTopia Academy. Kari’s gifts include a blend of Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and clairvoyance in which she uses in her readings to empower & connect others with information from their guides, higher self, and at times passed over loved ones.


As a lifelong intuitive, empath, healer, and animal lover Kathi is honored to play a role in the healing, development, and assistance of all beings. In her intuitive work with people she works in what she calls “best and highest good” readings that concentrates on what messages each individual needs to know now and that will best serve them in any area of their life. Although she works with some tools such as oracle cards, she mainly receives information from spirit, her guides, your guides, angels and any being of dedicated to your best and highest good. Those messages came through Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, and Clairvoyance. Each session is driven by what is for your best and highest good at the time. In her intuitive work with animals she communicates with animals here or in spirit needing only a picture As a certified Reiki II and Animal Reiki healer she has worked to facilitate healing in people and animals of all kinds.

Mary Gates

Mary is a psychic and healer. As a messenger, she channels and works with tarot & oracle cards for messages. As a healer, she uses energy from the archangels to help heal you with crystals & singing bowls. Her spiritual journey started when her Mother died from cancer. It led her to doing intuitive circles and working with her gifts. She also knows the travails of life she has dealt with homelessness & getting thru difficult times.

Nellie Lozano

Enedelia “Nellie” Lozano was born and raised in Mercedes, TX, a border town in South Texas. Nellie was blessed with the gift of communicating with spirit. She is a Psychic Medium, Clairaudient and Intuitive.


Nikki was raised as an army brat and lived up and down the east coast and Germany. She could hear and sense both human and non-human spirits from a n early age. Sometimes these spirits were positive, and some were negative. Dealing with these entities and constantly being the “new kid” every few years, allowed her to fine tune her skills as an empath. She uses her “spidey sense” to discern who and what she is dealing with. A graduate of Crystal healing one and a regular member of the intuitive class, she has honed her skills under Michelle Welch’s guiding hand. She will use all these skills to provide you messages.

Roger Welch

Roger is a Founder and Owner of SoulTopia in Dallas, Texas. A laid-back Tennessean, Roger is known around here as “Roger the Wire Wrapper.” His ideas inspire many of SoulTopia’s Custom Creations. Roger’s offerings are: Psychic Medium Crystal Readings Crystal Healings Tarot Readings Aura/Chakra Photos & Readings Oracle Readings Singing Bowl Healings