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Private Lessons

Private lessons allow Individuals to receive low teacher to student ratio instruction and consequently immediate feedback with proven combat sports specific training methods. Options Available Include Technical Sparring Cross-Training (1 instructor, 1 student) Partner Group (2 student Max)

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Virtual Instruction

Receive workout plans for your home wrestling room or conduct sports specific cross training with immediate feedback. ~ You will need blue tooth speakers or head phones. ~ WhatsApp Video Conference contact information for Coach Joe. Live feed circuit training, stance and motion drills, motion drills, sport specific movements and dynamic fitness routines for instant feedback.

$20 $20 · 20 minutes

Small Group Training (4 students)

- Maximum of 4 students - Combat sports specific cross training - Contact or no contact training - Wrestling, BJJ and cross training for small groups - Great for families, friends and training partners - $25 due upon booking the lesson, $25/student due upon lesson starting

$25/student $25 · 1 hour


Joseph Forsman