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Finished Item Curbside Pick-Up

For pick-up of finished items, appointments are not mandatory. Feel free to drop by Tues-Thurs 12-6, Friday 12-8, and Saturday 10-6 to pick up your item using your last name. Upon arrival, please ring the bell and tell the staff you are picking up a finished item from BoundAries Leather. Payments can be collected by tap outside or inside the store (masks required). Please note intakes are only available via intake appointment.

Free · 10 minutes

Same Day CurbSide Quick Repair

A curbside intake appointment for quick repairs that can be fixed in under half an hour. Examples include: quick re-stitch, adding a new buckle/snap/rivet/button, swapping out a faulty zipper head, ect. Any intakes deemed unfixable within half an hour will be taken in at our discretion and available for curbside pick-up in 1-2 weeks. Please give a brief description of the quick-fix! Thank you, Ariss

$15-45, varies per project · 30 minutes

Curbside Intake (Repair, Redye, Custom)

Under Covid-19, we are offering curbside intake appointments for repairs, redyes and custom work. Please ring the bell outside East Side Re-Rides and stay by the table. To enter the store, please WEAR A MASK. Keep in mind our shared store-front has a capacity of 5 people and a wait may be needed to enter. Thank you and stay safe! Ariss

15 minutes

ALTERATION Consultation

Under Covid-19, we are following the standards set by salons and other close-contact industries in measuring items for alterations. That means: 1. Customers have to WEAR A MASK and use hand sanitizer upon entry. 2. We will be wearing a mask, a face shield, and gloves when taking measurements. 3. Items must ‘rest’ for 3 days in a sealed bag before being worked on This is a strange new world, thanks for assisting us in staying safe within it!

30 minutes

ONLINE (Zoom) Fitting Consultation

A virtual meeting to help take measurements or mark-up items for alterations or custom projects. Meetings are held over Zoom; a link will be sent you prior to the appointment. We ask you have handy: - A measuring tape - Tape (masking) OR - White tailors 'chalk' or non-permanent pen Please be professional and avoid nudity on camera. Zoom will end calls including nudity and we will end calls including inappropriate behaviors. Thank you! Ariss

40 minutes

Ariss G (Owner & LeatherWorker)