Shaw Family Practice

We help you harness the power of nature.

We are a down to earth clinic, with simple time-tested treatments. Dr. Jo Nell Shaw founded this clinic because she saw the need for families struggling with stress, anxiety, and physical pain. If you have had health concerns that have not been answered by other health professionals, it is time you tried here.

Dr. Shaw is an expert in natural health with two doctorates Chiropractic, and Naturopathic medicine, as well as pediatric certifications. You will notice the heart-led, patient-centered care when you come to see Dr. Shaw.

Our Services

Tea ☕️ with Dr. Shaw
It is important that you trust your doctor and we know trust takes time to build. Sit down with Dr. Shaw for 15 minutes for a cup of tea in the office, focused on getting to know each other. No pressure, just time to talk and be understood. Book your slot now to see if we are a good fit for you.
Virtual review of Self Assessment
Brief follow-up visit
We love our patients! This is for any ongoing care of established patients including an adjustment, exercises, soft tissue, nutritional therapy or naturopathic care.
Extended follow-up visit
This is the perfect option if you have a new item to have discussed or looked at, have several questions or would like to take a slow pace during your visit.
Nutritional Consult
Nutritional consults allow a deep dive into the role food plays in your daily life and what changes can be made for you to reach your health goals.

Our Staff

Dr. Shaw DC, ND
Dr. Shaw is the owner of Shaw Family Practice and holds doctorate degrees in Chiropractic as well as Naturopathic medicine. She has been treating pregnant and pediatric populations for years and loves it. Her chiropractic adjustments are gentle and safe for all ages. Come in to experience the deep level of care that you've been missing!
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