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Consignment Appointment

You may bring in up to TEN items per day. Item limit is set due to health concerns and limited business operations. If you have larger items and are unsure if we will take them, please email us a photo to Once you arrive, set your consignment items by the door at your scheduled appointment time. Call us at 503-477-4708. We will bring them in and go thru items inside with safety practices in place. We will have you remain outdoors or in your vehicle. We will go thru them on the spot and bring you any items we are not able to take. We will also provide you with a slip that tells you how many items we will be adding to your account and when the items will expire.

Free · 30 minutes

Curbside Online Order Pickup

Thank you for your online order! Once you arrive, please call 503-477-4708 and we will set your order just outside the door. For larger items we are happy to help load it up while maintaining safe social distancing practices. If you require moving assistance, we recommend LUGG or Too Big For My Car. They provide a wonderful moving services at affordable rates.

Free · 15 minutes


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