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In-Home Consultation

Eating healthy does not have to be dull! Learn to cook delicious recipes for you and your family. Worth a lifetime supply of hugs and kisses!!! And for new additions to the family, lactation consultation helps mothers facing challenges during their first feedings to ensure your newborn has access to the best baby food available - a mother's milk.

$150/hour · 1 hour

Elia Brandao

Elia is an experienced wellness and manual therapy professional, with years of experience promoting performance improvement for athletes and wellness for young adults, families, expecting mothers, postpartum mothers, and children in communities across the globe. She got her physical therapy degree in 1996, after which she started her practice in Brasilia, Brazil. Elia believes in providing a comprehensive wellness approach to treatments, going beyond physical aspects like restoring motion, and preventing future injury or reoccurrence to include helping clients find balance in their lives. To achieve this goal, over the years Elia enriched her practice by pursuing certifications in multiple Manual Therapy modalities including Rolfing®, Jin Shin Jyutsu®, Neuro Linguistic, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic, Kinesiology, and GPR (Global Postural Re-education).