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Our Services

Initial Evaluation
This is for new clients or clients with new injuries/body parts to be evaluated. This involves evaluation & diagnosis of your primary complaint, some treatment (a combination of education, manual therapy, and/or exercise), and individualized home exercise program prescription.
Physical Therapy Follow-Up Treatment
This is an in-person follow-up after your initial evaluation. It involves an individualized mix of therapeutic exercise, a home exercise program update, and any updates to your sport/workout/gym/life modifications while you are healing. In addition, any hands on therapy needs are incorporated into your session such as manipulation, massage, mobilization, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue work, and/or dry needling.
Telehealth Initial Evaluation
Receive physical therapy in the comfort of your home or gym if you live in Delaware or Maryland. This is an online evaluation that includes a past medical history review, injury screening, education/advice on activity/workout modifications, and an individualized exercise program. *It requires access to an internet and computer to participate! An online link will be sent to you to connect*
Telehealth Follow-Up
This service follows your initial telehealth evaluation and will be a session including movement analysis, therapeutic exercise, and how to self-manage hurting/tight/stiff tissues via self mobilization/manual therapy techniques.

Our Staff

Lindsey Hughey
Lindsey Hughey is a doctor of physical therapy and is the owner and sole provider of physical therapy services at drivePT
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