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SW- Swedish (relaxation) massage

Swedish massage is a relaxing massage that utilizes sliding and gliding motions. The intent is for you to relax. The pressure utilized is light to moderate.

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50 minute Swedish session Cigna and Aetna ONLY. 20% off this service ONLY 20% has been deducted already from original price of $70 Please bring insurance card with you

$56 · 50 minutes

DT- Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage is intended to work knots out and to access the deeper layers of muscle. Deep Tissue Does not necessarily mean deep PRESSURE

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HS- Hot Stone

A wonderfully relaxing massage with warmed stones sliding and gliding along your skin.

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LY- Manual Lymph Drainage

MLD is a technique utilized to enhance the lymphatic (immune) system. MLD increases the lymphatic flow 10X the normal rate for approximately 24 hours. 5 sessions in a row prior to surgery as well as post surgery has showed a significant reduction in swelling, pain medication and healing time.

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A body contouring treatment. Lypossage helps move lymphatic fluid, which when stagnant can create the bumps, bulges and lumps we call cellulite. Lypossage breaks up under-the-skin adhesions that create this dimpled appearance, leaving you with a smoother look and feel. The affects are temporary, but it will get you through that red carpet affair or swim suit season looking fabulous! Lypossage is performed in a series of 18 sessions- 3 sessions weekly for 6 weeks.

Call to schedule this $1,895 · 30 minutes

Infrared Sauna

Add an enticing Infrared sauna treatment before or during your massage. The sauna fits directly over the massage table. No need to get up and move once you are comfortable. No extra time is needed to add a sauna treatment during your massage. While the sauna works its magic, lay back and enjoy a head, neck, face massage. If you would like to enjoy each aspect individually, then adding the sauna before your massage is the way to go. Lay back and relax while listening to your choice of music or a guided meditation CD while I leave you to your privacy to enjoy the moment. Once the sauna is over, I will return to remove the sauna, cleanse your skin with eucalyptus infused towels and your regularly scheduled massage can begin.

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Sa - Body Scrub

choose an invigorating sugar scrub or a less intense body polish. both will leave your skin silky smooth

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MW-Mud Wrap with Body scrub

choose from sugar scrub or body polish, and follow it up with your choice of mud wraps: Sea Mud- creme-based mud for firming, stimulating and toning, utilizes rich concentrations of algae, minerals and vitamins derived from active seaweed varieties harvested off the Brittany Coast of France European Rose Mud- deeply hydrating creme-based mud, contains natural sun-dried rose clay extracted from the Provence region of France. Alpha- Hydroxy Lactic Acid, Wheat Amino Acids, Beta Glucan and Rose Centofolia are infused into the mud to accelerate cell renewal and moisturization. It will Refine and soften skin, enhance cell renewal and give your body extreme hydration. Sensitive skin- leaves an intense hydration on the skin, enhancing defenses and soothing even the most sensitive skin. A rich, soft, warming balm uniquely melts on contact, leaving skin perfectly hydrated

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FS- Foot Scrub

add a sugar scrub for your feet and put a little extra jump in your step

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Enzyme Foot Mask

This is fantastic for feet that have turned into hooves. 7-10 days after application, your feet will go through a metamorphosis. Changing from dry weathered claws to beautifully soft and callus free. You won't notice anything right away, but once the enzymes finish their work, dead skin will begin to slough off, leaving you with gorgeous feet again.

$35 · 1 hour


Susan Backman