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Reiki Mini Session - Distance

Reiki Mind/Body Balancing

$10 · 10 minutes

Reiki Pod Immersion

30 minutes therapy session at my location in my specially created Reiki Pod. This is a shelter with a therapy couch in it, outdoors. You are completely private and cocooned in the chants and energies. During Covid protocols, I will be outside the walls and channeling in, therefore socially distant and yet able to connect with you. Everything will be thoroughly cleaned between clients. Masks must be worn until inside.

$30 · 30 minutes

Animal Reiki Mini Session - Distance

Reiki Therapy for Animals. Distance only.

$20 · 10 minutes

Distance Reiki with Intention - Study

Positive calm energy to be sent to you or your loved one to facilitate learning and success in examinations. Permission must be obtained from the recipient - it's good manners and ethics.

$20 · 55 minutes

Distance Reiki with Intention - Marriage

Reiki sent for marriage ceremonies - to facilitate calm, good intentions and a positive start to nuptials. Permission from both recipients is needed - it's good manner and ethical. [if this is for a gift, and a secret, I will send reiki 'for their highest good']

$20 · 55 minutes

Distance Reiki with Intention - Blessing of a Home

Reiki to facilitate the blessing of a new home. I will need a photograph of the space to make the connection. Positive intent to all the greatest good for all who live in the home and for the home itself as a nurturer and keeper of the family.

$20 · 55 minutes

Distance Reiki with Intention - Break a Habit

Reiki to facilitate a cleansing of the spirit and removal of blockages to allow new healthy habits to form. As the new habit forms, the old ones will dissipate and lead to happiness and wellness of mind/body.

$20 · 55 minutes

Distance Reiki with Intention - Medical , Human

Reiki sent with intent for successful surgery or medical visits. Permission from the recipient should be obtained where possible. If you are not able to gain permission, reiki for the 'greatest good' will be sent.

$20 · 55 minutes

Distance Reiki with Intention - Medical, Animal

Reiki sent with intent to calm and nurture an animal that is undergoing Vet visits or treatment. I will require a photograph of the recipient to make the connection. Email photo to

$20 · 55 minutes

Deborah Ashe Reiki Master/Teacher