***PLEASE NOTE*** You cannot receive a massage if : * You have COVID Symptoms * You are COVID positive * You are awaiting the results of a COVID test * You have come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past 14 days * In the event that any of the above statements are true, DO NOT BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. If you have already booked an appointment and come down with symptoms or discover you are COVID positive, IMMEDIATELY cancel your appointment and you WILL NOT be charged a late cancellation fee as long as you communicate with me WITHIN 72 HOURS of cancelling your appointment.

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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Points are a result of repetitive postures, repetitive motions, or trauma, which can be physical, emotional or psychological. This can lead to chronic referred pain patterns and sometimes decreased range of motion. Using a slow methodical approach, the therapist searches one muscle at a time for trigger points in order to find and release them, creating relief from pain and increasing range of motion.

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Deep Tissue Massage

A full body massage designed to work out aches and pains from every day life.

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Christie Szpyrka, LMT

Christie is a 2011 graduate from the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy located in Albany, NY. With nearly a decade of experience and a diversified training, she considers herself to be a "muscle nerd". Along with her extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, Christie blends concepts from east and west in order to create a comprehensive and unique experience for each client. Incorporating breathwork as well as using principles from Shiatsu massage, neuromuscular therapy and myofascial release, she customizes each session according to her clients needs in order to promote harmony and self-healing within the body.