Alabama Primary Counseling Group, LLC

Individual, Couples, Family, Child/ Adolescent Therapy
To reach Kristi call 251-406-8878 and Michelle at 251-447-3703 and Rebecca at 251-272-3584
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Our Services

Individual Therapy
45-53 minutes to help the patient learn how to move forward rather than feeling stuck in their current situation.
Couples Therapy
Assessment of couples current relationship and education about how healthy couples maintain a lasting relationship.
Child/ Adolescent Therapy
Therapy Adolescents between the ages of 5-17. Custody papers are required in these situation; further, patients under the age of 14 cannot give consent for therapy without a legal guardian
Intake Session
The intake session is required by insurance; it is not a process therapy session, but designed to obtain history information about the patient for future services.
Codependency Group
This is a group for adults who are trying to overcome codependency issues and meets on Wednesdays at 4 pm
Grief Support Group
This is a group for individuals who are struggling with grief from a lost loved one. It is a supportive process group and is facilitated by Rebecca Stephens, MS, LPC
Medication Management/therapy
skills coaching phone call

Our Staff

Kristi Lanford
Michelle Edwards
Rebecca Stephens