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Spiritual Session - “Limpia”

Sessions begin with a reading of the client's Energy; During this time the client may also ask questions regarding any issues they might have in their life. Each session is closed with a "Limpia", a traditional Peruvian technique of spiritually cleansing the Aura and body. This method utilizes flowers, an egg, prayers, and smoke. A "Limpia" clears trauma, fears, and different energies that may cause disharmony and imbalance. To deepen the healing process the use of an Alchemy Crystal Bowl* will also be incorporated into this beautiful hour long treatment. You will leave the session feeling refreshed, lighter, and peaceful.

$130 · 1 hour

3 Session Package

A beautiful way to maintain your alignment and continue in your healing journey. There is no expiration on this package.

$340 · 1 hour

Angel Tarot Reading

Get clarity with the energy of the Angels. An Angel Tarot Reading is like a mini healing session with the support of the Angels. Get the answer to your questions and guidance from the divine. All readings are done over Skype. You will get the Skype info after making your booking.

$50 · 35 minutes


Antoinnette Chirinos