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A Regular Appointment for Current Patient (Not including Hormone Refills..see other visits.)

If need Hormones go to that visit. If 2nd visit go to that one hour appointment Half Hour Phone discussion or Consultation. Follow up for prior patients seen within the last 2 years. Review symptoms, medications, and new concerns. If not seen within the last 2 years schedule a 1 hour visit for extensive Consultation. Review or order testing and determine recommendations or order prescriptions. EVERY CONTACT for questions, medications, revisions, testing, side effects, etc .....a consultation will require an appointment being scheduled. (Concierge service is another option that allows unlimited access by phone or email or text for 1 year.) Generally consultations will be done as a regular phone visit unless specified otherwise as below. When you make an appointment please verify your phone number or email for the visit.

$120 · 30 minutes

2. CURRENT PATIENTS only Exemptions, Forms, Letters

A regular 30 minute appointment is required to gather the details of information to complete forms and includes one page of a letter or a form. Any extra letters or forms cost $25. per page. to or FAX to 888-480-3870. Also confirm your phone number used for the visit.

$120 · 30 minutes

4, Second Visit 1 Hour Follow up on New or Comprehensive patient

Reviewing Symptoms, Lab Results, Develop Protocols after an Initial Visit. This is to follow up on an initial visit for new patients, or on patients not seen in 2 years, or for the 2nd visit of patients who have been seen for the Sinclair Method for Alcohol Use Disorder. Please specify in comments when and where labs had been done. Please confirm phone and email.

$300 · 1 hour

Laboratory Testing Review

For reviewing extensive labs and making suggestions, developing a treatment plan or prescribing medications. This may include outside labs from other practitioners or labs that had been ordered by me in the past or currently..... such as for Heavy Metal Testing, Food Allergy Panel, Spectracell Nutrient Testing, Organic Acid Testing, Mold Testing, Toxin Testing or others. Involves 1 full 30 minute visit of time or combine with another half hour visit to discuss other usual concerns such as Thyroid, Hormones, Lipids, Blood Pressure or other medical follow up. No extra time required when reviewing Usual Labs like Thyroid and Lipids. This is done in a normal follow up visit. SPECIFY IN COMMENTS WHEN SCHEDULING...The Test, When Done, Where done if needed. Verify your cell phone and email used for the visit.

$120 · 30 minutes

Lab Test or Review: Consult to Discuss Laboratory Testing Options

This appointment is to discuss the Outside Extended Labs including Spectracell Nutrients, Food Allergy Testing, Organic Acid Testing, Heavy Metal Testing, Igenex Lyme Testing, Mold Testing, and More. Price will include instructions and kit will be sent. The test price will include the outside Lab Processing fee and a comprehensive discussion of the results afterwards and this will vary by test. Pre-Payment for specialized testing will be discussed and paid before the kit is sent. Please put in your COMMENTS whether you want to visit by phone or cellphone with Face-time or by Skype or Zoom. Also confirm your phone number or email for the visit.

$120 · 30 minutes

Sinclair Method to Become a Social Drinker: 1st Visit and Initial Follow-up.

Dr. David Sinclair developed an effective treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder when patients have difficulty controlling alcohol use. The treatment involves evaluating for underlying physiologic conditions that impact alcohol use and prescribing Naltrexone as a pharmaceutical pill that is taken 1 hour before the first alcohol of the day. Naltrexone blocks the brain alcohol receptors and blocks the intense craving for alcohol. See for details. The first and second visits are each 1 hour and includes history, consent, lab testing orders, review of results and prescriptions. Consents and History for the program can be found at Please review, print and complete and return to me at 888-480-3870 or email to After the Initial visit and the visit 2 to discuss the extensive lab results, subsequent visits are scheduled as routine 30 minute appointments. Please confirm phone number and email.

$400 · 1 hour

Cancer Patient interested in Consultations on Diet and Nutrients

A diagnosis of Cancer makes people re-evaluate everything they are doing or not doing that may impact their help. I have helped many patients review their options and have been through the process myself when I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I have navigated these options and have many suggestions for improving outcome. This may include routine testing and other possible evaluations of Heavy Metals, Toxins, Organic Acids, Nutrients, Food Allergies etc. We then prepare a program of suggestions. When you schedule this please put in Comments any information on prior labs, biopsies, thermographies, mammograms, specialist evaluations, and prior therapies. Please confirm your phone number and email for the visit.

$400 · 1 hour

3. First Visit New patient or patient not seen in over 2 years.

For extensive review of history, forms, labs and discussion this requires preliminary preparation as well as extended discussion and decision for ordering testing. If you choose this option please email me also at so I will have your email to send you the Registration forms. You can also go to go to the Registration section and download to print the Demographic and History Forms. Send these forms to me at 888-480-3870 or email to

$400 · 1 hour

B Hormone Refills or Orders as part of Regular Medical Follow up

For the extra time required in testing, reviewing, evaluating and prescribing hormones there is now a separate category for patients needing or wanting hormone refills or initial orders. This includes any prescriptions to a compounding pharmacy which takes more time.

$150 · 30 minutes

1. New Patient for COVID Therapy or COVID Exemption Letter only

Includes one page of a letter or one page of a form completed. More of a fee if extra pages or forms are required

$175 · 30 minutes

Yearly Holistic Concierge Service

Complete yearly Holistic Consultations by phone, email, or text. Year round availability with 24 hour window when out of the country. Access to my personal phone and email. You will be given my direct phone and email when you sign up here. It is good on a yearly basis. I will contact you to set up the first consultation review after you are signed up. When you sign up for this service I will forward all of my personal contact information and will be available for 365 days from the date of signing up.

$1200. per Year. $1,200 · 1 day


Diane Culik