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Bronze Detail [select vehicle type]

This package is our entry level when it comes to cleaning both interior & exterior. Geared mostly towards well-maintained, lightly soiled or leased vehicles. On the interior, we perform a light cleaning and wipe down of all interior parts & surfaces. The exterior receives an eco-friendly rinseless wash, light cleaning of the wheels, dressing of the tires, door jambs, streak-free windows & up to 3 months of protection on your vehicles paint.

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Silver Detail [select vehicle type]

Our most popular package, offers a full interior detail and extra protection on the exterior. This includes leather cleaning/conditioning, shampoo of upholstery/carpets along with steam cleaning. Our Detail Technicians blow through cracks & crevices, wipe down all plastic/vinyl surfaces as well as clean vents. The exterior receives a thorough eco-friendly hand wash including cleaning of the wheels and dressing of tires/trim. This is then followed up by adding up to 6 months of protection on your vehicles paint via a paint sealant.

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Gold Detail [select vehicle type]

If you want your vehicle completely refreshed, top to bottom, front to back, inside and out, this is the professional detailing package for you. Here, our Detail Technicians spend intricate time breathing new life back into your vehicle on both the interior & exterior. You receive a deep cleaning of the interior with high-grade disinfectant products. The exterior receives an eco-friendly rinseless wash & microfiber dry. We also include paint decontamination around entire vehicle in the form of a clay bar treatment or chemically via a special product like an iron remover that has the chemical ability to help remove particles in your vehicles paint. Finally, we protect the exterior with a paint sealant which adds up to 6 months of protection on your vehicles paint. In the end, this process is sure to leave you (and your vehicle) feeling rejuvenated.

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Interior Detail [select vehicle type]

In this package our Detail Technicians will provide a cleaning throughout all your interior parts & surfaces. Technicians treat all the cloth by vacuuming, shampooing, scrubbing and any other professional means necessary to remove dirt, stains and grime. Also included in the cleaning is the dash, center console, door jambs, headliner, windows, seat tracks, compartments and vents. We are adamant about recreating the manufacturer look and feel of the interior, rather then that of slippery seats and greasy plastic surfaces. Overall you will feel like you have a new car again.

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Interior Detail + Sanitization [select vehicle type]

Keeping the interior clean from germs, bacteria, dirt or grime is very important for your health and the overall condition of the car. In this package, our Detail Technicians complete a proper cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing of your all your high-touch interior surfaces (steering wheel, handles, cup holders, buttons, arm rests, vents, dashboard, windows, vinyl, rubber...etc) through the use of steam and ready to use, spray-applied surface sanitizer.

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Interior Detail + Fabric Protection [select vehicle]

The intention of this package is to clean, disinfect & sanitize the entire space. Then, treat all cloth/upholstery seats as well as carpets with fabric protection. Doing so protects carpets & fabrics from future stains & spills. And, when they do happen it will make it significantly easier to clean up.

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Interior Detail + Leather Coating [select vehicle]

In this package we clean, disinfect & sanitize your vehicle's interior prior to adding a durable layer of protection on all leather surfaces. Applying a leather coating like Gyeon Leather Shield after a thorough cleaning will help keep them protected from future spills, bodily oils and everyday dirt that it may come in contact with. When not protected dirt, grime, UV rays and general wear and tear can do damage to the look and feel of this prized material. *Please note: The leather coating product used will not change the feel or finish nor will it will add gloss to the surface. Instead, it keeps its natural look. It will not restore the leather in anyway, so if your leather is already cracked, faded, etc. this will only help protect it from getting any worse.

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Exterior Detail [select vehicle type]

Our exterior only detail focuses on bringing back some shine & offering short term protection on your vehicles paint. Our Detail Technicians begin with a thorough hand wash, removal of any bug splatter, then move onto cleaning the wheels, inside fuel door & windows/mirrors are left streak free. Proper dressing of tires & trim parts is performed and our Technicians top off the paint by applying a premium wax that protects your vehicles paint for up to 3 months.

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Paint Enhancement [select vehicle type]

This package is ideal for customers who want to focus on improving the vehicles overall exterior look. Our Detail Technicians spend time removing minor imperfections in your paint such as scratches, swirl marks, etchings, tree sap or oxidation. We begin by performing a full wash, proceed with a paint decontamination (claybar treatment, chemical or both), and lastly a polish around the entire vehicle. The final step is to add long-term protection of up to 6 months via a paint sealant (more durable than wax).

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Ceramic Coating [select vehicle type]

You've probably heard of Ceramic Coatings by now, but if you haven't it's the latest tech to protect your investment for a longer period of time! This package consists of a detailed cleaning, decontamination, polishing, and protection process that will leave your paint looking amazing. The coating offers at least 1+ years of durable protection from the elements, which means no need to wax your vehicle! It will also help to resist contamination while producing an extremely high gloss. The self-cleaning properties make washing and drying easier than it has ever been. This service has become our most popular choice for vehicle owners who are interested in drastically enhancing the appearance of their vehicle and protecting their investment. Contact us for a more accurate quote today! BENEFITS: Adds Extremely Durable Clear Coating to Paint, Low Maintenance – Never have to wax your car again, Hydrophobic Coating – Sheds dirt with a simple rinse, Harder Than Typical Clear Coat – Increased scratch resistance, Chemically Resistant – Cannot be removed by harsh car wash soaps, Acid Resistant – Such as acidic bird droppings, Increased UV Protection, Increased Depth of Gloss – Will not oxidize, Approximately 100 times thicker than any wax or sealant.

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Pet Hair Removal

We know you love your pet, but the hair they leave behind can be nagging. Removing pet hair is never an easy task, but our Detail Technicians have the proper tools & techniques to make it look like you never had a fury friend in your vehicle. Pet hair removal starts at $50.00. Detail Technicians will give a more accurate assessment of pet hair upon arrival.

starting at $50.00 · 1 hour

Ozone Shock Treatment

This is a stand-alone service, but can be paired up with any interior detail for a more effective treatment. Adding an ozone shock treatment will send pure ozone (O3) deep into every crevice and permeate your entire car's interior destroying these odorous compounds, bacteria and viruses. When the set time has completed, we open the doors & air out the vehicle.***This is a stand-alone service, but it is most effective when paired with one of our interior detail packages.

starting at $125 · 30 minutes

Scratch/Scuff Removal

We all know a minor scratch or scuff on your vehicles paint shouldn't have to ruin your day. Our Detail Technicians have experience working with these types of defects in your paint. This option is generally for customers looking to remove a scratch/scuff mark on 1 or 2 panels or a bumper.

starting at $65/Panel · 45 minutes

Engine Bay Detail

This package offers proper cosmetic engine bay cleaning. Cleaning not only improves the appearance and luster of your engine bay, but also keeps resale value high when you have to show your engine when selling your vehicle. An engine bay detail also helps prevents damage of many of the components equipped on your engine.

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Windshield Protection Treatment

Can't stand driving during inclement weather (rain, snow or sleet)? Try applying our window treatment by GLASSPARENCY which enhances driver’s vision and night glare at times of inclement weather due to the water micro-beading and repelling off your windshield. After our trained Technicians apply this product on your windshield it will give you a more comfortable & safer driving experience. *GLASSPARENCY is backed by a 1- year product warranty. So, after we apply it we will come out to you every 3 months for a year to do a refresher maintenance to ensure your windshield your windshield continues to operate at its peak performance. There is no extra charge during the re-applications.

starting at $100 $100 · 20 minutes

Headlight Restoration

Foggy or hazy headlights can cause a safety hazard! When driving headlights that are not clear can result in diminished road vision making it hard for you to see at night. Not only can it be a safety issue, but it can also take away from the look & feel of your vehicle. Selecting this package will bring back clarity in your headlights and improve your vehicle's overall look. Recommended Add-On: 1-Year Headlight Protection Warranty ($89) can be added and it covers you for the repair of damaged or dulled OEM headlights.

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