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Joy & Associates is an independent resource for you and your business. We offer Life, Business, Career, and Executive Coaching. Book a COMPLIMENTARY session to discover the best program to fit your needs. We also offer Self Mastery Seminars designed to enhance your personal effectiveness and increase interpersonal and intergenerational communication skills. Receive the tools to create positive dynamic relationships with family, friends, colleagues, customers, and employees.
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Our Services

Complimentary Session
Discovery session to discuss objectives and make sure I'm the right coach for you!
Private Meeting
Private Coaching Session
Purpose: gain clarity on the current and past issue(s), address challenges, collaborate on an action plan and schedule a follow-up session. What's possible: restore confidence, self-esteem, gain peace of mind, design a life plan, live life without regrets. Private 1:1, Zoom meeting available.
Career Coaching
Supports individuals who are unsure of their career choice or for those who are ready to make a career change. Includes Core Competency Assessment, Strategies for the Job Seeker, How to Do a Job Search Effectively, How to Overcome Work History Issues, Resume Re-Write, T Cover Letter, Job Interview Preparedness, Self Promotion - Learn to be the Purple Cow!
Business Coachiing
Combination of Coaching and Consulting, review of current business situation, establish business goals, employee evaluation. organizational goals, employee training, Conduct Interactive Strategic Planning Session.
Executive Coaching
For the Executive who is so busy executing business decisions that he/she has lost touch with personal work-life balance. For the Executive who wants Self Mastery to improve communication with all levels of employee relationships to invoke the corporate culture of "I'm here, I care, and We Can."
Gold Package
6 private coaching sessions, the client may request Zoom meetings for audio recording, sessions are 60 - 90 minutes, Included are 15 minutes calls between sessions and unlimited email and text messages
Premium Autopay $250 Package
Two sessions a month, Zoom meetings to include audio recordings for the client, sessions are 60 - 90 minutes, includes 15-minute calls between sessions, unlimited email and text messages. Billed on autopay $250 a month for 6 months
Premium Package
Package of 12 sessions; each session is 60 - 90 minutes. Includes 15 minutes calls between session, unlimited email and text messages. The client sets appointments weekly, bi-monthly, monthly. The client may request Zoom meetings.

Our Staff

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