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Reflexology sessions are 45 minutes or 75 minutes long and include an epsom salt soak with choice of essential oil. Longer sessions may be a combination of hand and foot work. Both sessions include a hot towel wrap to finish the session.

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Energy Balancing

Energy Balancing supports your personal healing journey. It encourages the body's subtle energies to find balance and promotes a sense of deep relaxation that allows the body to return to a state of homeostasis. Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing art; Marma is a traditional Ayurvedic healing art.

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Therapeutic Massage

Your session is designed around your needs. Using a combination of massage techniques, your session support your personal health journey, from injury recovery to wellness support.

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Ayurvedic Massage

Using warmed herbal-infused Ayurvedic oils, this massage works at the myofascial layer of the body, stimulating the nerve endings and energy lines while helping to gently detoxify the body encouraging lymphatic drainage.

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Private Yoga Session

Private yoga sessions are focused on elevating your personal yoga practice and lifestyle, to include improving strength, flexibility and mobility. Sessions may support asana practice, pranayama practice or philosophical learning or any combination. Each session is designed for your needs.

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Grace (MA87383, NBCR 01835)

Grace is a yogi, energetic healing bodyworker, and 24-year Air Force Veteran who has realized her soul purpose is to give back to the community and offer those who would seek to, the opportunity to raise their own vibration and find their healing path. She is a lifelong learner and continues to seek out opportunities to expand her knowledge and the offerings at Nadi Om Wellness in an effort to help those who would choose to learn about self-care practices.