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Intuitive Healing & Channeled Wisdom Sessions

A dance of two powerful medicines, combining to one extended session. --------------------------------------------------------------------- During this session, you receive Holy Fire Reiki and Channeled Wisdom. Depending on what your Guides & Higher Self suggest, you may also receive specific healing frequencies or light activations. Each full session lasts 1.5-2 hours, ensuring ample time to receive healing frequencies and Reiki, as well as messages from your Guides and Higher Self to assist your in walking your next steps on your Path of Destiny. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Regular sessions are about 45 minutes in time. ----------------------------------------------------------------- All prices are **Sliding Scale**! The price shown is the suggested fair exchange. Honoring Ayni - Sacred Reciprocity.

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Healing Hikes

Healing Hikes connect you with your own divine Inner Nature out in the heart of nature. A couple days before our departure, we will connect by phone so I can discover your intentions for your healing journey. After our call, I will intuitively design our hike to journey on together. ----------- During our hike, I will be holding sacred space. The entire time, I will be tuned into Guides, Ascended Earth Energies, our Higher Selves and other benevolent Light Beings. As conversations unfold, channeled guidance will flow in to support you. Along the hike, we will find a sit-spot. There we will share ceremonial cacao, whose heart opening medicine amplifies the healing journey. Other aspects of this healing hike may include pulling oracle or tarot cards, receiving an in-person guided and channeled meditation, receiving healing frequencies, activations or Holy Fire Reiki, however the healing hike shall unfold. Each healing hike is intuitively designed specifically for you; no two sessions will be the same! ---------- Most healing hikes will be 2-3 hours in length (not including travel time). This is a sliding scale offering - suggested fair exchange is $188-$333.

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Live Guided Healing Meditation & Sacred Flame Activations

Join me on a journey within. ----------- A day or two in advance, I will connect with you to learn where you are in your healing journey and what your intentions are for your guided meditation journey. At the time of our appointment, we shall convene via Facetime, Zoom or in-person and I will guide you live into a healing meditation journey. Get comfortable under a blanket, dim the lights, and have an eye covering ready. It's also recommended to have a journal nearby to record your experience.--------------------------- Each guided meditation is intuitively designed for you and infused with Divine healing frequencies, and is a combination of a healing session and personal meditation. General length of session is 30-60 minutes. This is a sliding scale offering; suggested fair exchange is $77.77-$111.11; however, no one will be turned away; pay what you can.---------------------------------------------- Sacred Flame Activation: A variation of the live guided healing meditations, which activate one of the seven sacred flames so that you can deeply connect to the flame and bring forth that ray's essences in your life. ----------------------------------------------- A recorded guided healing journey is available upon request, for an additional fee.

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Holy Fire Reiki Sessions

Time for a soul massage? Holy Fire Reiki is a Japanese technique of gentle, restorative and uplifting life force energy, guided by Spirit, with infinite uses that promote healing, including stress reduction and relaxation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- All prices are **Sliding Scale**! The price shown is the suggested fair exchange. Honoring Ayni - Sacred Reciprocity.

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Mystic Wisdom

Connect with your Guides & Higher Self as Becca channels wisdom & guidance for your journey. Oracle and/or Tarot reading may be incorporated as well to paint a picture and story to answer your heart's questions. The information and suggestions that flow help you better understand your inner self, life's journey, your divine purpose, ascension, healing, & much much more! ---------- Mini Tarot/Oracle Card Readings: Perfect option for those who are new intuitive guidance and would like to dabble in receiving guidance through cards or for those who would just like quick intuitive messages through the cards. Typically a 2-3 card reading that lasts about 15 minutes. Online via Zoom, Facetime/Phone, or can be pre-recorded and sent to your inbox. ---------- The recorded guided message will share guidance based on a single oracle or tarot card reading in response to an intention or question you may have! The recording will be sent to your inbox. ------------------------------------------------------------------- All prices are **Sliding Scale**! The price shown is the suggested fair exchange. Honoring Ayni - Sacred Reciprocity.

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Animal Reiki

A soul massage for your furry family member. Animal Reiki helps improve a variety of behavior problems, decrease pain, decrease stress, and increase relaxation and wellness in your pet! ______________________________________________ All prices are **Sliding Scale**! The price shown is the suggested fair exchange. Honoring Ayni - Sacred Reciprocity.

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