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Hot Towel Straight Razor Face Shave

We’ll start off by trimming any facial hair you want to keep if applies, includes beard trim. Shave consists of warm hot lather, pre-shave oil, several hot towels, a relaxing straight razor procedure with two passes, more hot towels and finishing steps with professional skincare products.

$45 · 1 hour

Skin Fade

Any haircut down to skin on the sides. Zero fade, razor fade, “bald fade”. Length off top with shears or clippers. Includes warm lather neck shave, hot towel + aftershave, product & style.

$26 · 1 hour

Regular Short Haircut

Short clipper haircut. Standard, casual or a neat and traditional style haircut. Clippers on the sides and length off top. Any blended, fade or tapered haircut. Includes warm lather neck shave, hot towel + aftershave, product & style. This is not for a longer length all over scissor haircut. Short and medium length hair will be additional in price.

$26 · 45 minutes


If you are an existing under 10 client you can select this service. Child to remain seated without assistance for the entire service. Any child’s clipper cut, including skin fade.

$26 · 45 minutes

Beard Trim

Select this option for any style beard trim, just how you want it. All over clean up of the facial hair, mustache and line up. Option for application of our house beard oil or balm. If you want shave with a straight razor on the neck as well or full straight razor face shave, select hot towel face shave.

$15 · 15 minutes

ADD ON Hair wash

Adults can add on a hair wash to your service.

$5 · 15 minutes

All Over Buzz cut

All over buzz only haircut, one guard/number clipper around and on top. If you’d like a fade or skin fade, select accordingly. Includes warm lather neck shave, hot towel + aftershave.

$20 · 30 minutes

Hot Towel Straight Razor Head Shave

Will first take down any existing hair with clippers or trimmers if applies. Will start the shave using several hot towels, pre-shave oil and warm lather. Two passes all over using a straight razor, nice and smooth down to skin, more hot towels and ends with finishing steps and professional skin care products.

$45 · 1 hour


Grey blending color is a quick process deposit color that creates a soft and complimentary result. Appears subtle and natural, never harsh or abrasive. Very low maintenance with a natural fade and no banding. Blends in existing salt n‘ pepper hair without being dramatic. Consultation and color match will be included in appointment. We use ammonia free, demi-permanent professional color and lasts up to 4 - 6 weeks. For the gentlemen or casual man who wants to knock off a few years or just to refresh your look. Includes wash, blow dry, product and style.

$45 · 30 minutes


Detailed color consultation to discuss your hair goals and how we can achieve them. Lindsey offers: Men and women’s natural all over color & retouch, men’s grey blending color, full head bleach + tone + punky bright creative colors or pops of creative color. Appointment for color service will be made at consultation. Services will include wash, blow dry, product and style. If interested can send references to

Free · 30 minutes

Kyle Watson

Barber & Co-owner - Kyle has been a licensed barber professionally since 2020; and has been around the industry, learning about barbering the last few years. With his attention to detail and classic technique, he‘ll be sure to give you a great haircut without cutting any corners. Or treat yourself to a straight razor shave for a genuine experience. He accepts kids cuts 10 & up and will always encourage a shot with your shave!

Lindsey Michele

Founder, Owner - Lindsey is a licensed barber and hairdresser and additionally holds an art degree under her belt. She has been in the industry for over a decade; and specializes in men’s hair and grooming, clean and neat, skin fades + blended styles. She has worked at some very special Barbershops & Salons in Southern California. Handy with the straight razor & can make your rad short hair color dreams come true!