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Our Services

Hairline Scalp Micropigmentation
Eye brow/makeup tattoo
Color portrait
Color portraits start at around $800
Group/Multiple Tattoos
Group of 2 or more people or one person getting multiple tatts
Black Portrait
Portraits range $300 and up. send Kevo a picture of where you want and pic of a clear portrait for an estimate
Small tattoo
Small touch up, Small tattoos, (small) names. My minimum is 50
Mid Size tattoo
Cover ups, fixes, add one. Book here for pics or palm size tatts and pictures, all pricing is done in person. We can edit timing based on design
Large Tatt
Chest piece. Large thigh pieces. Back pieces over half of back.
Consultation (Pricing)
Book under next day if appointment is after midnight) No deposit required. Come in for a pricing or design, and if available, get the tattoo the same day
Early/ late appointment
If you would like to book at a time that is not my usual biz hours. Text or Call first to confirm time :8328831990 This will erase 5 mins from my day, so you can pick any time, and I will change to the actual time we decide on. $30 does not go into the tatt price. No refunds
Sleeve or Leg sleeve
Custom design. Send Kevo a pic of your ideas. Free to book, but pricing is negotiated in person. If you have a budget just tell me before design
Tattoo lesson is $100 by hr, painting lesson is $100 for 2 hrs, and piercing lessons are $300. Text Kevo if you have any questions for more info (832)883-1990
Payment plan
Tattoo that you want to pay over time for. Must be over $300 follow this link
Monthly specials
$20 Texans/astros/logo tattoos in black $50 in color Any other team: $40 black $60 color (small)

Our Staff

Kevin Aregbe

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