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FREE 15 min Chat service to ask more QUESTIONS and ask for more info and determine if this is best for you

Free · 15 minutes

Acute Consultation

Use this service if you can communicate all the symptoms I need within 10 minutes. I then find your remedy and give you the Homeopathic prescription with the remaining time. If you go over 20 min then you will be charged an Acute Extended Consultation fee. This consult is not to be used for Chronic Consults.

$27 · 20 minutes

Acute (Extended) Consultation

This booking is needed if you feel that you need more than 20 min (but not more than 40 min)to discuss your case and enough time for me to find the Homeopathic remedy that you need. Ideally you will have to accurately communicate your symptoms within 20 minutes and then I have the other 20 min to find the Homeopathic remedy best suited to your Individual symptom and send out the prescription. This consult is not to be used for Chronic Consults

$54 · 40 minutes

Chronic Consultation

Initial Consultation. This Consultation is for Chronic Health Issues where we assess your entire case history for symptoms happening more than 1-3 months. Please make sure that fill out the ADULT Intake form before your session time or you will not be allowed to have an appt. Thank You.

$90 · 1 hour 40 minutes


Domenic Stanghini