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SCARF PAINTING AT THE MAYU SILK ART STUDIO! Dates/times may be subject to change to accommodate our event schedule - we will contact you if any adjustments need to be made. Prices shown here are a representative sample. Most customers using this booking site will not be billed until the conclusion of their visit. Other sizes and items may be available as listed on ourwebsite - please inquire in advance to ensure availability. Studio Prices (PER PERSON): $44 for one 6-foot-long hand painted, 100% silk scarf / table runner 2 for $79 (same person)(10% discount) 3 for $112 (same person) (15% discount) More than four scarves made by the same person: $37 each $100 Sarong is 44" x 72" and is 100% silk, available hemmed or unhemmed. It is SO MUCH FUN to paint on the big sarong tray!!!! These large silks require special preparation, so please book at least 24 hours in advance. If you are booking a Virtual Studio Visit, we will contact you with instructions for calling or logging in for your virtua visit on your phone, computer or tablet. Payment will be due at the completion of your visit.We accept cash,, credit cards, Venmo or PayPal.

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Party of 8 or more at the Mayu Silk Art Studio

PARTIES AT OUR STUDIO ​A minimum of only 8 scarves is required to reserve our studio for your exclusive use during your party (bring your own food and beverages, and as many people as you wish). Please use the comment section to indicate your preferred date/time, and the anticipated size of your group. We will contact you within 48 hours to confirm the date, and will send you a link where you can leave a deposit of $10/scarf per the minimum requirements stated above. If you have any questions or ideas to share, please email us at or call the studio at (714) 379-1990 to make arrangements by phone for your one-of-a-kind special event! Regular studio pricing applies: PER PERSON: 1 for $44, 2 for $79, 3 for $112, four or more scarves made by same person are $37 each.

Starts at $352 $352 · 2 hours

DIY station (add on activity)

Guests work independently to paint coaster sets, picture frames, seashells, ornaments, and other trinkets on a small tray. Purchase of $44 or more required to book this activity. Great for parties of 8 or more! ***SELECT QUANTITY OF 1, regardless of how many are in your group - we will contact you to get the actual anticipated head count ***

Prices vary · 30 minutes

BIAB: 3 day class for entrepreneurs and home marblers

This is an astounding three-day intensive program covering literally every aspect of setting up a water marbling business of your own, based on the success of Mayu Silk Art. *** HERE'S HOW TO SIGN UP FOR THIS 3-DAY CLASS *** 1. Book your preferred start date* on this page. In the notes section, please indicate whether this request is for one, two, three or four people attending together. (*This booking app only lets you reserve a 24-hour spot - we will have to manually change the booking to include all three days) 2. Go to to see pricing and details, to place a refundable deposit or pay in full for your class. Please see the fine print at the bottom of the page before submitting payment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our mobile phone at (949) 424-3458 or by email to

Price Varies · 23 hours 55 minutes

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