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Classic Lash Extensions

A single lash extension is applied to each natural lash

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Tattoo Removal

Saline solution is placed under the skin to remove unwanted pigment. May take 3-5 sessions to reach desired result. Price varies depending on the size of the tattoo. Please call or schedule a consultation before booking.

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Hybrid Lash Extensions

A mixture of single lash extensions and fans are applied to natural lashes creating a look that is more dramatic than classics but more natural than volume.

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Volume Lash Extensions

A cluster or "fan" of 3-5 lashes are applied to each natural lash creating a dramatic, bold lash design.

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Cotton thread is used to remove hairs from the root. Appropriate for all skin types. Great alternative to waxing

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Eyelash Lift & Tint

Lift typically lasts 4-6 weeks

$65 · 45 minutes

Brow Laminating + Tint

Sets and shapes and colors brow hairs without the use of gels of wax, giving the appearance of fuller, fluffy brows. Results last 4-6 weeks. Tint is complementary with service, but not required.

$45 · 35 minutes

Henna Brow Stain

A custom color is selected and then applied to brow hairs and skin to give a shaped and filled in effect. Stain on skin lasts up to 3 weeks, brow hair color lasts up to 8 weeks. No peroxide, gentle, all natural.

$30 · 35 minutes


Vegetable based tint, typically lasts 3-4 weeks

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Spray Tan

Classic tans take 24 hours to develop. Skin Must be kept dry for a minimum of 24 hours post treatment. Rapid tan may shower/work out within 1-4 hours after application. A custom color DHA solution is applied with an airbrush for an even, glowing tan. Results typically last 5-7 days. Please shower, shave and exfoliate 24hrs prior to appointment.

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Semi permanent eyebrow design, hairs are drawn in stroke by stroke to achieve a 3D brow. Price includes consultation, custom design, initial session and a 6 week color retouch.

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Cosmetic Tattoo/Permanent Makeup

Semi permanent tattoo techniques are applied to create soft, natural looking results that last 2-5 years depending on skin type. All appointments include design, color match, initial procedure and an 8-12 week touch up procedure.

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Danni Hamper

Danni is a licensed esthetician who specializes in classic & volume lash extensions. Her passion for lashing, attention to detail and client care has earned her the title of MOXIE's Lead Lash Artist.

Echo Chesnut

Echo is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist with a passion for lashing. She is a business major at the University of Montana and loves creating fun and glamorous makeup looks and customized lash extension sets for her clients.

Hannah Teeples

Hannah Teeples is the owner and founder of MOXIE makeup & lash studio. She has been a licensed esthetician and makeup artist for 11 years, specializing in airbrush makeup, permanent makeup and eyebrow design.


Raymi is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist who specializes is brow design. Her passion is giving her clients that “instant gratification” feeling or “wow” factor after a service. A Helena native, she enjoys spending time with her husband and cats, playing in the garden and watching the Real Housewives.