Dear valued customers, Unfortunately due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak regulations have changed. We apologize for the inconvenience. Appointments made for fingerprinting are for (1) one person only. If you and someone else need to get fingerprinted at the same time, please schedule each appointment separately. Income Tax Services: Appointments are made for one person or (couple) only. Unfortunately this will be our first year after 20 years where we will not be able to provide our services by walk-in or let in families at the same time to prepare due to the spread of COVID-19. Please make appointments separately. We can only allow those in need of services in the building all guest & children will be asked to wait outside or in their cars to allow us to minimize the amount of people in and out of the office and the spread of COVID-19. Mask are mandatory and temperature will be checked before coming in. We hope you understand and thank you for your cooperation with us during these hard times. We look forward to seeing you!

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Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live Scan is an inkless, electronic means of capturing fingerprints in a digitized format and then transmitting them to the level of services needed. (DOJ / FBI) (If you prefer us to come to you a mobile services fee will be applied)

Price Varies · 10 minutes

Ink Fingerprinting

Rivera Live Scan Fingerprinting is certified by the California Department of Justice (DOJ) to fingerprint via Live Scan (digital), FBI FD-258 Ink Cards and the less common SF-87 Ink Fingerprint Card. Applicants needing an FBI level criminal background check MUST be fingerprinted by a certified fingerprint specialist who signs, dates and enters their official FPC number. Rivera Live Scan Fingerprinting is Corona, CA trusted source for ink fingerprinting. (If you prefer us to come to you a mobile services fee will be applied)

Price Varies · 10 minutes

Income Tax

​We're professional tax preparers who are ready to serve you all year round not just during tax season (January - April). We keep up with the ever changing tax laws so you don't have to. We'll ask you all the right questions, so you'll get every deduction and credit that you deserve, which could mean more money in your pocket. 

30 minutes

ITIN Services

Our CAA can help assist with Apply or Renewing an ITIN.

Price Varies · 20 minutes

Immigration Services

Our Immigration Consultant can assist with applying for Citizenship or Renewing your Green Card.

Price Varies · 1 hour

Legal Document Preparation

Need a notarized letter prepared? Or perhaps you want to add someone to your Deed? Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to help you get the right one prepared.

Price Varies · 20 minutes

Notary Stamp & Signature

​Notary Services: Acknowledgements Jurats Loan Documents Power of Attorney Permission for Minor to Travel with Accompany Adult(s) Copy Certification by Document Custodian Affidavit of Support Grant Deed / Quitclaim Deed Trusts Certified Copies Translations This list is not inclusive of all the Notary services offered at Rivera Services. Please feel free to call the office for information regarding your specific situation. Mobile Services are available for an extra Service Fee.

Price Varies · 10 minutes

Passport Photos


Price Varies · 5 minutes

DMV Registration Services

INSTANT SERVICES Same - Day Renewals & Transfers These are some of the DMV SERVICES we can help you with: - Title Transfers - Out of State Transfers - Ownership Transfer - Registration Renewals (Get your Tags the same day!) - Replacement Plates and Tags (On the Spot!) -VIN Verifications - RDF's - Change of Address (Included with other transactions)

Price Varies · 15 minutes

Criminal Background Check

Want to know whats on your background check? Get a clearance letter from the DOJ using our fingerprinting services.

Price Varies · 5 minutes

Fax / Copies Services

Fax Services available both send-receive. Black & White Copies Available.

Price Varies · 5 minutes


Service Provided at Clients Location.

"Call Us" · 30 minutes

Scanning Services

We can scan documents and send them PDF to any email.

Price Varies · 5 minutes