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Financial Coaching 1:1

Individual Financial Coaching Session (1 hour) Get specific coaching on your financial goals or unique challenges. Our Financial Zen coaches will help you break through obstacles and get back on track to building a life you love. One-on-One Financial Coaching: Take control of your finances Debt reduction Build healthy financial habits Reach your big goals We are here to help you build a path forward. Together we will identify what's getting in your way, prioritize your goals and set clear actions to reduce financial stress. Begin your journey towards Financial Zen today!

$100 · 1 hour

My Financial Zen Bootcamp (4 one-hour sessions)

Our Financial Zen coaches work with you to build a strong financial wellness strategy. We help you successfully plan and take action in five strategic areas of financial wellness: Manage, Protect, Borrow, Grow and Transfer.<br /><br />We will develop a personal financial wellness action plan for you through our four-week coaching program:<br /><br />WEEK 1: Explore - we help you clarify the people and things that matter most to you<br /><br />WEEK 2: Evaluate - we take a deep dive into your current cash flow and risk strategies to identify obstacles and gaps that are preventing you from living a life you love<br /><br />WEEK 3: Execute - we create an action plan that prioritizes those things that are urgent, critical and important<br /><br />WEEK 4: Equip - we provide resources, tools and referrals to the expertise you need to succeed long term<br /><br />Each week includes a 1-hour call, assignments for you to complete and access via email for any questions that might come up between calls. At the conclusion of the four week financial coaching program, you will receive a detailed summary of results and action items for you to build a strong financial wellness strategy designed specifically for you.<br />

$400 · 1 hour


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