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Acne Bootcamp


Express Teenager Facial

This facial is perfect for teens who need some deep cleansing and light exfoliation with extractions as needed to clear congestion.

$65 · 30 minutes


Experience the magic of our hydrofacial also know as hydrodermabrasion. This facial cleanses, extracts and hydrates your skin with super serums made with nourishing ingredients that create a gratifying glow. This treatment is great for all skin types especially those who are oily skin types and prone to congestion. This treatment allows for minimal extractions, due to it's pain-free extraction method through vacuum technology. This treatment infuses your skin with serums while extracting your skin of impurities like dirt, oil, sebum and more! A hydrofacial takes an hour and begins with our signature double cleanse massage, facial steam and enzyme, hydrodermabrasion and ends with a hydrating mask and finishing products. This facial is also inlcuded into our membership program for discounted pricing. Our member hydrofacial pricing is $100. Contact us if you'd like to sign up for a facial membership! You may also add onto this facial with dermaplaning, hydrojelly mask and LED light therapy.

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Men's Facial

$85 · 45 minutes

Back Facial

The service begins with a gentle steaming to open pores and lift impurities, followed by a deep double cleansing and some type of exfoliation, either a physical scrub or enzyme. It may also include hydrodermbrasion. Followed up with a custom mask depending on your skin needs. And finished off with hydrating moisturizer and SPF.

$75 $75 · 45 minutes

Hydrojelly Mask Add-On

This may be added onto your service.

$25 · 10 minutes

LED Light Therapy Facial Add-On

We recommend adding this onto any facial, except for the Signature M Medical Facial because that facial already includes it.

$25 · 20 minutes


You can choose to add this onto your service, or as a standalone dermaplane facial. Our dermaplane facial includes double cleanse, dermaplane, followed up with light exfoliation via enzyme and ended off with a mask and finishing products.

2 Options

Signature Facial Package of 6

Buy 5 signature facials get 1 free!

$875 · 30 minutes

Signature M Medical Facial

Our signature facial includes it all! Expect to be absolutely pampered with our relaxing yet corrective signature facial. This facial is tailored to your exact skin needs. New clients expect to spend a little over an hour at your first appointment. We do not recommend getting this facial right before a big event. Please plan accordingly! This facial also includes our signature arm scrub and massage so you'll be provided a complimentary robe to change into at your appointment. If cyou are not interested in receiving this, please tell your esthetician at the beginning of your appointment. Memberships are available at discounted price if interested in receiving this service every month!

2 Options

Traditional Facial

This facial is all about relaxation and the touch of the hands. No machines are used during this treatment besides a steamer.

$125 · 1 hour


VI Peel

A medium depth peel, safe for all skin types and tones. Painless and effective. Will induce peeling by 3rd day, with most seeing glowing skin by 7 days. *Not for first timers! You must have had a prior treatment with us and skin properly prepped.

$400 · 30 minutes

BioRePeel (on sale price reflected)

This amazing 30% TCA blend peel treats all types of skin concerns including hyperpigmentation, sun spots, melasma, acne, acne marks, acne scars, fine lines and rosacea. This peel has no social downtime, with minimal dryness and no peeling, and is safe for all skin colors and types. The skin must be properly prepped before receiving this peel so you receive optimal results. Schedule a consultation if you are a new client interested in this peel.

$250 · 35 minutes

BioRePeel Blue + Gold

This extraordinary peel is your answer to stubborn pigmentation including sun spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma or acne marks. We use a combination of the BioRePeel 30% Gold TCA peel layered with the 50% Blue TCA peel. This may create some dryness and or peeling, but no sheet peeling. This is not for first timers. All first timers must receive proper consultation, first facial treatment with us and have received the BioRePeel blue standalone peel first.

$400 · 40 minutes

BioRePeel Add-on (members only)

$125 · 30 minutes

Acne Bootcamp

Acne Bootcamp: Back Peel

Includes a cleanse, tone, peel solution up to 2 layers, extractions if needed, LED light therapy and finishing products. Not for first-timers! Must have gotten a consultation, and back facial first with us. Call the spa or send us a text if you have a question. Not for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

$115 · 40 minutes

Acne Bootcamp: Consultation, skin analysis & 1st treatment

$175 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Acne Bootcamp: Consultation & Skin Analysis

If you're interested in moving forward with our Face Reality acne boot camp program but are still deciding if this is the right route for you, then this is a great starting point. This appointment includes an in-depth acne consultation in which you will be provided with our acne bootcamp bible. This bible includes information about diet, lifestyle, and acne triggers that will guide you in treating your acne from the inside out. We will go over any questions you may have, your medical history, your past acne treatments, and any acne medications you are currently taking. Followed by a skin analysis, spot testing, and determining an acne regimen specific to your skin. This can be done in person or online!

$75 · 1 hour

Acne Bootcamp: Acne Peel

$100 · 30 minutes

Acne Bootcamp: Acne Hydrating Enzyme

Our acne hydrating enzyme is a great starting treatment for our acne clients who may have a compromised barrier due to underlying issues, or their skin is overly sensitized due to strong topicals/oral medications that you may have been on or are currently on. We will determine if this is the best treatment for you by always completing a sensitivity test which will help us guide our decision on how to move forward with your treatment. This treatment includes, a double cleanse, skin sensitivity test, hydrating enzyme (with or without steam), facial massage, extractions (if needed), 20 minutes of blue or red light led and finished with moisturizer and SPF. This treatment may be booked by current ACNE BOOTCAMP clients or NEW CLIENTS who have acne.

$90 · 40 minutes


Skincare evaluation (in-person)

Don’t know what skincare products you need to make your skin healthy and glowing? Book a consultation with me so we can talk through your routine and figure out what is missing!

$45 · 40 minutes


Speak with one of our estheticians about our services. Please make note in your booking reservation notes which services you are interested in. We look forward to meeting you!

Free · 30 minutes


Cryo-Lean - Fat freezing & sculpting

4 Options

Spa Party

Please give us a call if interested in booking a spa party! We require a minimum of 4 people. Contact us for current promotional deals on spa parties.

3 hours 30 minutes

Skin Tag - Milia - Warts Removal

This service removes pesky skin tags, milia and warts from the face, neck and back. Through the use of non-invasive skin epilator device. A non-laser treatment using high frequency electirical current to remove these pesky skin irregularities. Price starts at $150 and can vary depending on how many areas you need removed. Topical numbing cream is used to help tolerate pain. Please advise if you are allergic to lidocaine.

1 hour 30 minutes

Voluderm - RF Microneedling

Stimulate collagen and elasticity production with our revolutionary RF Microneedling device. This treatment helps to lift and plump sagging skin and reduce fine lines. Tiny micro pins are stamped into your skin with radio frequency is penetrated deeper into the skin to create even deeper stimulate. This treatment does not go deep enough to melt fat. Most will need multiple treatments. This treatment includes your face, neck and hands. One treatment is $400 and a package of 5 is $1800.

2 Options

Tripollar - RF Skin Tightening

Ask about our packages for discounted rates

$300 · 30 minutes

Infrared Sauna

$25 · 20 minutes

Microchanneling with Growth Factors

Microchanneling is a type of collagen induction therapy. This treatment is done by stamping tiny pins into the surface of the skin creating thousands of tiny microchannels. The treatment is followed up with a stem cell growth factor serum that is applied before and during the treatment that boosts your results through cellular renewal, hydration and healing. Microchanneling is amazing for treating acne scars and fine lines. ** sale price is as reflected. Usually priced at $300 per treatment

2 Options

Microchanneling with BioRePeel

2 Options

Microchanneling add-on (members only)

$125 · 30 minutes

BioRepeel package of 4

$1,000 · 30 minutes

60 min massage

$70 · 30 minutes

Platinum Membership

$500 · 2 hours 30 minutes

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