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Please contact our office by email or phone for more information on household, property staff projects or vendor related projects.

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Personal Consultation

Personal conversation with award-winning and nationally recognized expert Teresa Leigh regarding a specific household employee or vendor concern. Through her empathic and holistic approach, gain invaluable insight to resolve or engage your issue.

30 minutes

Work Life Profile Review

Discuss how professional Work Life Profile Investigations can increase the success rate of new hires with staff and service vendors. We will outline what type of Investigation package is a best match for a Client's need. All Work Life Profile Investigations are performed Teresa Leigh staff. Interviews and questionnaires are specific to the field of household staff and service vendors.

30 minutes

Custom Consultation

In-depth conversation with award winning and nationally recognized expert Teresa Leigh to better understand the issues or problems you may be experiencing. Her holistic and empathic approach will offer you valuable insight and offer tools for a speedy resolution. Conversations are confidential. Contact our office by email of phone to schedule a custom consultation.

Price Varies · 1 hour

Teresa Leigh

All phone consultations are with Ms. Leigh. Teresa Leigh is an award-winning pioneer in the field of household risk management for high net-worth families and individuals. Due to her unmatched and nationally recognized expertise in the hiring of staff and the management of household and ranch property, Teresa is one of the most sought-after speakers on the subject and is frequently featured in publications such as Worth, Forbes, and the New York Times. Her comprehensive and empathetic understanding of the affluent household gives her the ability to immediately identify and solve the problems and issues facing today’s busy affluent client