Optimal Health Acupuncture

Optimal Health Acupuncture was founded with the understanding that our body, mind and spirit need to be nurtured not ignored. Good health may not be good enough for today's hectic lifestyle. Therefore our goal at OHA is "Optimal Health," so that you can be fully present in your daily life; thriving as opposed to just surviving.
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9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Our Services

Acupuncture - First Visit/Consult/Treatment
The OHA Practitioner will complete a thorough evaluation and intake prior to administering an acupuncture treatment.
Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation
This non-invasive procedure uses intradermal acupuncture needles which are solid not hollow resulting in fine lines being erased, deeper lines reduced, and bags around the neck and eyes firmed.
Community Acupuncture
Recline in a comfortable chair while the OHA practitioner applies acupuncture needles or Tui Na Massage to your hands, feet, head and ears.
Acupuncture 30 Minute Follow-Up Visit
After an Initial First/Visit/Consult/Treatment the OHA practitioner will recommend a comprehensive treatment plan and tailor the follow-up visits accordingly.
15 Minute Acupuncture Add On
You can extend your 30 Minute Follow Up Treatments with an Additional Unit of Acupuncture. 1 Unit = 15 Minutes.
Therapist applies heated cups directly to the patient’s skin to create a vacuum which can help relieve stress and detoxify the body

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