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Nuevo Studio is a boutique branding agency. We specialize in small business growth and development by creating beautiful brands that tell stories and reach your people. We explore big ideas to ensure we are pushing the boundaries of design in everything we do. Starting a new venture is fun and we want to make you look the most you-you can be. Let's start something nuevo.

At this time we are only taking appointments on Tuesday + Thursday.
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Our Services

Design Meeting
Discovery Call
Are you looking for a new designer to help you accomplish your goals? We would love to chat with you about your design needs and see if we are a great fit!
Branding Consulation
Maybe you're a few years into your business and are not sure a re-brand is in store, maybe we just need a refresher or a brand expansion. But lets be honest, design and branding aren't your thing. You have other stuff to do and emails to send and people to talk to. It's ok, Nuevo Studio has your back. During this consultation meeting time (avg. 1 hour), we will go over all assets of your brand: from visual to captions to see what is no longer working, what needs tweaking and what is doing fantastic. After our meeting, I will give you a list of action items that you need to do to get you from hum-drum to va-va-voom! If you're cringing just thinking of adding another thing to your plate we can handle it for you. No worries, we will apply the consultation fee as a credit to your bill if you decide to have us move your brand along.
Branding Blocks Creation
Are you just starting off on your journey with your new business? This may be the perfect thing for you! Looking at so many fonts and colors how do you even start the branding process, on top of everything else you have to do! Our mood board creation package may be just the thing for you! We will send you our branding questionnaire and jump on a phone call to discuss your new business, then we will create a mood board for you! This will include: -Two fonts to utilize (Header + Body) -Three colors with codes -Type of imagery you need to use (essential to keep your look cohesive) -Examples of what your "voice" should sound like All of these things vary on what you do, who you are trying to attract, and how you are taken seriously. This package is ideal for people just starting out and your design budget is smaller. Once you're booming we can re-vamp your brand! Turnarount time: 1-2 weeks after our phone call.

Our Staff

Naoma Serna-Zahn