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Hypnotherapy is the application of hypnosis to help clients in achieving their goals and overcoming limiting beliefs. It's a natural, ​pleasant trance-like state, often described as a deep state of relaxation. The purpose of inducing a hypnotic state is to create a state of suggestibility that leads the client to enhance his/her receptiveness to his/her desirable outcome. 

$165 · 1 hour


Achieve success in the area of your life that is important for you. Meet Ur Success™ is a program I’ve designed to help you become your potentialities and achieve the success you desire. Whatever the area of your struggle, my program can support you to achieve success in your profession, success in your relationship, with your education, or your health. 8 weeks, one session per week for a total of 8 sessions. I use a powerful amalgamation of therapeutic Hypnosis, Psych-K, and Inner Child Journey to assist you in accomplishing your goal, attract what resonates with your inner self and overcoming your limiting beliefs.

Pre-paid non-refundable 8 weeks program - client must commit to one session (1h) per week $1,250 · 1 hour


PSYCH-K, (a technique that uses fundaments of psychology and kinesiology - muscle testing) is the application of a sequence of exercises. Specific body postures and movements cause neuron firings in both hemispheres of the brain, creating a state in which change can more readily occur. Re-write your subconscious limiting beliefs

$200 · 1 hour 30 minutes

PSYCH-K program

PSYCH-K program includes 3 sessions of 90mis each. 1-Tuning up your goals' beliefs, 2-Discovery and rewrite limiting beliefs, create alignment between your consciousness and your subconscious mind 3-Balance your core beliefs.

3 pre-paid non refundable sessions. Clients must commit to a session (90mins) per week $550 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Free consultation over the phone

10 mins of a free consultation over the phone. Please call 310 227 0180 at the time that you have scheduled

Free · 10 minutes

Leonardo Lupori

Certified Hypnotherapist Psych-K Preferred Facilitator Guided Imagery Master