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START HERE! A CONSULTATION APPOINTMENT IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO ALL SERVICES (except free retouch). Prepayment for consultation is required in order to reduce appointment no shows. But that cost is applied toward your future service! Please do not wear any makeup but do bring a photo wearing your normal, everyday makeup as well as bringing your eye pencils/lipstick so we can discuss colors. Ask any questions you have. A tiny patch test inside your hairline may be done if you've never had a tattoo before. For a list and description/prices of all services, please see my Facebook page or my website. Thanks and hope to see you soon!

$50 ยท 30 minutes


Samantha is passionate about helping boost confidence and enhancing natural beauty. She is specially certified in applying permanent cosmetics using modern techniques and has practiced her art in Miami, Louisiana, Argentina and Illinois. She loves to help women save valuable time. She's a mom and she knows how precious time can be. Samantha especially loves helping clients restore confidence and live normal lives.