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Scalp Treatment

This service is for anyone who is experiencing a lot flaking and itchy scalp. This is not for a person dealing with a medical condition such as dermatitis or psoriasis.

$30 · 20 minutes

Virtual Hair Coaching Session

This is a thorough educational lesson done online through Zoom or Facebook messenger. We will cover the following topics in the session: -Current hair challenges -Analyzes of wash day routine and hair care routine -Style lesson (Must pick one of 3 options. Wash and Go, flat twist, or two strand twist.) It's best to book on a day when you about to wash your hair so I can coach you through step by step. Some of our biggest challenges or issues come from how we handle and set our hair on wash days.

$115 · 1 hour 5 minutes

First time client style

Detox/ Hydration/Treatment/style, and trim/cut included Styling options include wash and go, natural updos, straightening, or twist out. (No extensions involved unless we discussed it in our consultation) Time duration may change depending on drying time

$160 · 1 hour


Mandatory for new clients and those looking to get color services. This can be done via phone or in person.

$30 · 25 minutes

first time client experience

This service includes a hands on experience with understanding product application and technique when styling your hair at home. Ideal for someone who doesn't like to come into the salon frequently but needs to make sure it healthy in between visits. Alongside a hands on lesson, this service includes cleansing, treatment, Cut or trim, and style. The style we decide on will be the style you would be learning as well.

$210 · 1 hour

Olaplx treatment

$30 · 30 minutes

Moisture Curl

Curl manipulation done by my flat twist method. This style would be best if you are seeking a great balance of long lasting curl definition and volume. This style includes: Cleansing and moisturizing shampoo Moisturizing and bond multiplying steam treatment Twist out take down Note: Drying time is not included in service time. It can range anywhere from 40 minutes or more depending on the thickness of your hair.

$95 · 1 hour

Moisture Blow

Straightening services provided using ceramic blow dryer and flat iron to ensure great moisture within the hair. Benefit also include improved elasticity and moisture retention. This service includes: Cleansing and moisturizing shampoo Customized treatment to address hair needs and an olaplex treatment to protect curl pattern Ceramic styling

$120 · 1 hour

Moisture Go

This curl defining service would ideal for someone who loves detailed curl definition. Similar to a "wash and go" but longer lasting. No need to refresh these curl daily. This service includes: Cleansing and moisturizing shampoo Moisturizing and bond multiplying treatment Curl defining method Please note, this style is not ideal for persons with excessive heat damage, or straight pieces.

$85 · 1 hour

Moisture Twists

two strand twist service including the following: Cleansing and moisturizing shampoo moisturizing and bond multiplying steam treatment Two Strand Twist style Price can increase depending on how small you would like the twists

$120 · 1 hour

Moisture Do

Natural up dos Including flat twists , cornrows styles, etc. without hair added. If you would like hair added please contact me via email or phone beforehand. Style includes: Cleansing and moisturizing shampoo Moisturizing and bond multiplying treatment Desired updo style Price may vary depending on complexity of the style.

Starting at $105 · 1 hour

Moisture Cut

Haircut where more than 2inches are being taken off. This includes bob cuts, taper cuts, pixie cuts,etc.

Starting at $45 · 30 minutes


If you are wanting this service but not a style, please come with your hair either of these 2 ways: 1. Stretch or blow dried well enough to come through 2. Wet and detangled and free from product If your hair is not prepared in either of these ways, and has to be shampooed or blow dried, it may result in an additional charge.

$30 · 10 minutes

Barber cut

Haircut using clippers for fading or very low haircuts.

$25 · 20 minutes

Moisture Lights (Partial)

Consultations are required before color services. Booking prior to color services appointments can result in denial of service. Highlights using foils or free hand application only on the front half of the head. Price may differ if using permanent color and or lightener. Does not include style. please book desired style in addition to this service.

Starting at $75 · 40 minutes

Moisture Lights (Full)

Depending on desires look, highlights are done using foils or free hand application on the entire head. Does not include style. Booking color service prior to consultation could result in the possibility of rescheduling booked appointment or denial of desired color service altogether.

Starting at $95 · 1 hour

Moisture Prep

This service includes Shampoo and hydration treatment Blow dry and trim Perfect for before going into a long term protective style or maintenance service

$70 · 1 hour


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