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A practice with the best services on anti-aging, aesthetics, PDo threads, PCL threads, mole and skin tag removal, plasma pen fibroblast treatment, platelet rich plasma treatment, vampire facial treatment (microneedling), microblading, microshading and nose lifting with PDO threads
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Our Services

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Ageless deal
Facial lifting with PDO and PCL threads
Ever after deal
Facial lifting with pro and pcl threads
Timeless deal
Facial lifting with pdo threads
Jowl/cheek lifting with threads
4 pcl threads
Mole removal
Cauterization for 5 moles
Mole removal
Cautherization of 10 or more moles
Plasma pen upper eyelid touch up included
eyelet with plasma pen
Plasma pen for under the eyes, touch up included
treatment for the bags under the eyes
Plasma pen 3 areas: upper eyelid, under the eyes and crows feet
Treatment to improve saggy tissue and wrinkles
Microblading 1 session
Eyebrow design and 1 microblading session, touch up not included
Microblading+touch up
Eyebrow design and touch up 6 weeks after the first treatment, very recommended
Eyebrow design, microblading and powdered brows
Pdo threads lift #2
Facial lifting with PDO barbed threads
Pdo threads lift #4
Lifting with PDO barbed threads
PDO thread lift #6
Facial Lifting with PDO barbed threads
Prp for face
prp will be injected on your face for collagen production and rejuvenation
Prp face, neck and hands
prp injections for face, neck and hands will rejuvenate and create collagen
Vampire facial
Your prp combined with micro needling for rejuvenation and collagen
Scalp prp
your plasma will be injected on your scalp for hair growth
Microblading/microshading touch up
Perfect your eyebrows!!!
Microblading and micro shading touch up
Combo!!!! get touched up with both microblading and add some powder brows
Plasma pen fibroblast treatment under the chin
BB glow with antiaging serum and foundation serum
BB glow treatment with antiaging serum, foundation serum, vitamin mask and LED therapy
Special prp for face+microneedling (regular price $500.00)
Follow up appointment
ombre eyebrows
Refreshment for eyebrows 6 months after
Liposonix for abdominal area
Non invasive fat burning treatment

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