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Member's Special - FREE Detail

This member 's special offer includes a hand wash, followed by a nano-tech decontamination of the exterior of your vehicle as well as a wax sealant treatment. We finish up the pampering process with a tire shine and window cleaning. Autowash App Members my select this service with an active membership. Valid for one FREE service per membership every 12 months.

Free · 45 minutes

Essential Detail Combined

Our basic wash is designed to be just that, the basic care and maintenance necessary to decontaminate and seal your vehicle's surface. Includes: hand wash & decontamination, paint polish and sealant, vacuum & wipe down of interior, clean windows, dress tires

4 Options

Essential Interior Detail

Vacuum and remove debris. Decontaminate interior vehicle surfaces and restore with UV protection. Clean windows. 30 minute deodorization treatment.

4 Options

Essential Exterior Detail

Hand Wash, Surface Decontamination (Clay), Windshield treatment, Wet Wax Sealant, Dress Tires and Trim

4 Options

Complete Detail Combined

This complete detail package includes everything to make your vehicle better than new. Includes: hand wash with NanoTech decontamination; engine rinse and shine, Autowash Stamina protection system, steam cleaning and sanitizing of ALL interior surfaces, NanoTech clean and shine window and glass surfaces, seal and preserve all rubber, plastic, and vinyl trims, and cleaning and dressing of the tires.

4 Options

Complete Interior Detail

All interior services begin with a hand wash. Additional services include - decontaminate interior vehicle surfaces by vacuuming and removing debris before steam cleaning and shampooing all carpet and upholstery. Interior surfaces will be restored with a UV blocking dressing. Clean windows before applying hydrophobic treatment for safety. 30 minute deodorization treatment.

4 Options

Complete Exterior Detail

Includes Clay Decontamination, Paint Correction/Swirl Removal, Stamina Protection, Deodorization & Glass Gloss applied to Front & Rear Glass.

4 Options

Window Tint

Protect your vehicle's interior with window tint. Not only can window tint block up to 99% of UV rays, it can also reduce the temperature of your car and prevent sun fade, cracks and damage caused by intense temperatures. Choose the right shade, including clear, and then leave the rest up to us. *Price & Time vary due to options available! Feel free to call or stop by for a quote!*

2 hours 30 minutes

Wheel Polish & Ceramic Coating

Want to protect those wheels! For this service, we decontaminate, polish and then apply a coating of SiO2 ceramic quartz to protect against all sorts of road contaminates. *Winter Special Applied At Check Out*

$250 · 1 hour

Hydrophobic Windshield Treatment(s)

A glass treatment corrects and seals the naturally porous surface of your vehicle's windows leaving behind a smooth protective layer that resists dirt, bugs, grime and water for up to 6 months.  *Winter Special Applied At Check Out*

2 Options

Headlight Clarification

Got yellowing, old headlights? According to AAA, 9 out of 10 cars could benefit from headlight clarification or replacement. We can help you stay safe and see clearly with a headlight clarification. *Winter Special Applied At Check Out*

$100 · 1 hour

Paint Chip Repair

Paint chips are an open invitation for rust and other damage. Fix it up and keep you car shining longer.

Starting at $175 · 2 hours


Free · 30 minutes


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Tintz & Paint Protection Film