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Our Services

New Client Microblading Session. This option is for a client who we have not previously worked on (corrective clients included).
Microblading Second Session
This session is to be booked 4-6 weeks following your New Client Microblading Session. When booked in this time frame it is a complimentary session. If booked past 6 weeks from your New Client session a COLORBOOST fee ($175) may apply. This appointment will be honored for existing KBCo. Clients ONLY.
Additional Touch Up (Within 12 Weeks of New Client Appointment)
This option is for a Client who may need a mild touch up beyond a typical Second Session. Examples may be: Excessive UV exposure, lightening of pigment due to use of topical facial products, failure to follow post care instructions, excessively oily skin type, scar tissue that needs additional coverage, skin that has dehydrated during the healing process. (This list may not be all inclusive, please email us if you need clarification).
Annual Colorboost (Must be completed within 18 months of the New Client Appointment)
This option is for existing KBCo. clients to receive their annual color boost service. This appointment refreshes the strokes and boosts the color of the brows.
Mini Brow Session
This option is for a client who would like to discuss their natural brows, assess placement, groom stray hair, and learn to fill in their brows on the daily. It is the perfect opportunity to consult about your unique brows prior to a New Client Microblading Session.

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