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Energy Healing

DISTANT REIKI ONLY (*15-25 MINUTES) DUE TO COVID-19 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Get a quick energy session 5-15 minutes, Reiki or Accunect as needed by the client.

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Personalized Videos

Get a personalized video instruction for a workout, or targeted massage & MELT techniques for use at home and rewatch forever! Videos are posted on PRIVATE YT playlist and are not accessed by anyone except those who have the link. The link will ONLY BE SENT to the email on file. NO PERSONAL HEALTH INFO will be included in the video. Bulk pricing coming soon. ***existing clients only: $10 OFF ***new clients, must have initial fitness consultation, and 3 regular sessions

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QHHT Session

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Session Please Allow 4-5 hours for a session and plan accordingly. 50% cancellation charge for this session, sessions must be paid in advance.

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Healing Journeys

Get started on your healing journey by combining massage and muscle building in one session and save on our regular prices. Training and Massage are tailor suited to your needs. Pre-purchase 3 sessions, and save an additional $10!

$50 · 1 hour

Personal Training

VIRTUAL CONSULTATION, 1-on-1 & PARTNER SESSIONS ONLY DUE TO COVID19 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Personalized fitness training with MELT Instructor, ACE Certified Health and Wellness coach, Marnie Lyon. Must be an established customer to book this session. If new, check out the Introductory Personal Training Pack - if returning customer, be sure to ask about bulk pricing. Initial consultation only may also be with Blaire. All fitness training done by Marnie.

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Marketing & Graphics Initial Visit

Book an initial meeting to discuss your print, online and social media needs. This is a free 20 minute session to see if Blaire Hall can help you achieve your marketing, graphics and online media goals. While the session itself is free, please be aware blocking time off of the schedule for this impacts other appointments and is subject to a $25 cancellation fee for NO-SHOWS and Cancellations which don't occur 24 hours before the scheduled time.

Free · 20 minutes

Blaire Hall

Blaire is the office manager and is a massage therapist, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Accunect and QHHT practitioner who effectively uses her intuition and professionalism to help co-create genuine connections resulting in the best possible experience for those with whom she works. Before becoming a Massage Therapist & Reiki practitioner, Blaire was a public school teacher for 9 years and is still a graphics & marketing professional and business owner. Blaire comes to The Happy Lyon from many years of life as a southerner. Upon meeting Marnie, her focus and alignment with the idea of promoting happiness and well being was able to help bring the idea of gifting happiness to life. Blaire is also the business Manager and can answer any of your questions about the services offered here.