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Our Services

Phone Consultation
Free thirty minute consultation over the phone. Let's get to know each other and see if we're a good fit.
Short-term Support Package (4 hours total)
You live in Monterey County and would like some support around some kind of change in your family life - whether it's a big change like weaning or starting school, or a small, but mystifying change like your child moving into a new developmental stage. Or it might be a change that you want to make, like adopting a new discipline strategy. Whatever it is, I can help you through it. This package includes one 2 hour session via phone or video and four 30 minute phone coaching sessions (to be scheduled separately).
1 Hour Phone Coaching Session - Limited Availability
We've spoken and decided that the best way I can support you is through a one hour phone coaching session. This coaching session will serve one of these purposes: - As a focused session addressing one challenge - As a follow-up for returning clients - As a tailored report on a parenting book you've been meaning to read
Gifted 1 Hour Phone Coaching Session
You have received a gift certificate for a one hour coaching session. To redeem it, please schedule a 30 minute phone consultation. We will get acquainted, I will help you decide what you want to talk about during our 1 hour phone coaching session and let you know how much time I need to prepare. Then you can schedule your Gifted Phone Coaching Session.
Transition to Parenting Package (4.5 hours total)
You are a first time parent-to-be and want to be prepared for all the things you can think of AND all the things you have no idea about. We will meet virtually for a one hour coaching session, then do a 30 minute follow up before the birth. Then we will repeat those two steps in the first few weeks postpartum, and again as your baby nears 8 weeks of age. During that entire time, I will give you additional support via email. The total price of this package ($800) is due when schedule your first session.

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