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Our Services

Reiki Treatment
Receive a private 60 minute in-person or remote Reiki Session. Session will cover a full-body treatment and can be further customized to work on any physical or emotional area you would like to emphasize. You can expect light touch with no contact to breasts or genitals. You will lay on a massage table and remain fully clothed during the session. For your convenience, we can travel to your location.
Bach Flower Remedies Consultation
Enjoy a private consultation and receive a 30-day custom blend of these homeopathic remedies specific for your current emotional needs and unique circumstances. In the 1930’s, English physician Edward Bach created a series of thirty-eight flower essences, homeopathically prepared from plants found in his native England, to address underlying mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of physical disease. Individual remedies can be used on an acute level for day-to-day stress, or in a customized thirty-day combination designed for more deeply engrained mental and emotional states. Bach’s flower remedies are safe, FDA approved for stress relief, and don’t react with any other medications or supplements – and can be used for children or pets, as well. Make an appointment for your personalized workup of remedies.
COMBO Reiki Session and Bach Flower Remedies Consultation
Want a COMBO Reiki Session and Bach Flower Remedies Consultation? You may add on a Bach Flower Remedy Consultation to complement your Reiki Private Session and receive a COMBO discount.

Our Staff

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