Benders Salon

Welcome to Salon Benders', We are a Queer & Trans owned and operated salon and spa located in Long Beach, California. Our mission is to provide stellar beauty services, education, conversation and a sense of community to our guests.
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Open today until 5:00 PM

Our Services

Long hair
Any hair Beyond the Shoulders
Foil and color
Deep conditioning steam treatment
Deep condition for thirsty hair
Medium Haircut
Any hair from Shoulders to chin
Short scissor cut
Any hair above the chin; Cutter uses scissors only
Barber cut
hair cut with clippers/ fade
Bang/ Neck trim
Fringe and Perimeter
Beard Groom
Trim, shape and oil
Permanent Global Color
All over Color/ Roots to Ends
Root color only
Retouch with Glaze
Root color plus color refresh ends
Gloss TopCoat
refresh and shine treatment
Full Highlight
Global Hair lightening using Foils
Partial Highlight
Hair lightening using foils ( top and sides)
Color Cameo
Grey blending
sun kissed hand painted color
Gradual color fading
Baby Lights
Subtle highlights
Rainbow hair
Multi colored hair
Color Correction/ Change
Remove or change permanent colored hair Please call for consultation
Makeup/ Full face w/ Lesson
Makeup Application/Full face
Professionally applied Full Face Makeup Please call for consultation
Makeup/ Partial Face
Lips, Cheeks, Eyes
Strip Lashes W/ Lesson
Learn how to apply strip lashes
Strip Lash Application
professionally applied lashes
Brow Wax
Warm wax hair removal applied to eyebrows only
Lip Wax
Warm wax hair removal applied to upper lip
Chin Wax
Warm wax applied hair removal on chin
Side Burns/Hair line wax
warm wax hair removal
Full Face Wax
Warm wax hair removal
Meditative/ Reiki/ Energetic Hair
$35 + Cost of hair service
15 Minute Consultation
Long hair Blow dry and Style
Short hair Blow dry & style
P.H. Protein Bonder for damaged hair
P.H. Bonding treatment without hair service
PH Protein Bonder add-on service
PH Protein Bonder with a service
Keratin Express Blowout Treatment
Protein strengthening and smoothing treatment. Lasts up to 6 weeks.
Hair and Make up Lesson
For all ages and genders etc.
Retouch with Long haircut
Retouch W/ short hair cut
Full Color & Long haircut
Retouch & Medium Length haircut
Full color & Medium Length Haircut
Natural Keratin Treatment
Smooths, strengthens. Enjoy healthier hair for up to five months.
Flat Iron Style
Undercut Cleanup
Maintain your undercut, side shave, or other partial clipper cut
Hot Shave
Hot towel treatment for maximum relaxation and skin care, and a close barber style shave
Bleach and tone retouch
Bleach and tone
All over lightening with toner

Our Staff

Jessica Santiago
Jessie's mission is to eliminate "superficiality" from the hair industry, one person at a time. She likens her work to shining up a rusty penny, bringing out and accentuating one’s natural beauty.
Kris wants to work with you and your short cut needs. From bald fades to hot shaves, she loves both transformative and maintenance cuts, and all things in between. In addition to your hair needs, she loves connecting with other humans, learning about their power, triumph, and sharing in their story.
Nata wants to collaborate with you to achieve your hair dreams while talking to you about revolution, your favorite shows or anything you want - As long as its real.