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Design Services

Interior Design meet and greet. This usually is a 2-4hour introduction to you and your Home. Colleen works with you Hashing out problems, designs and details. You keep all the Sketches and Renderings! Keep Calm & Carry on, on your own, or Sign Up for the New Phase. $250.

Starting at $250 · 2 hours

Designer for a Day

This Service is when you need a Dig In-&-Get-Going-All-Day-Design. Colleen is on-site with you for up to 6 hours, moving, shuffling, picking tiles, paints and general All Around, In-house Design and setup. We usually start with using all the pieces, new or Heirloom, to Get The Bones right in your home. At the end of the day, we have a clear direction on What's Next!

Starting at $600 · 6 hours

Now we're cooking'!

This Next Step is just before "ALL IN" where, you know what you have, what you need and are clear and focused on finishing well. This is easy Decorating and Design fees are for 2-3 days of misc time. Usually wrapping up kitchen Design, Finishing touches, big furniture purchases, or meeting with the painters. Simple stuff, battings that deeply matter!

Starting at $1,500 · 16 hours

Interior Design Private Residence

This Service starts with the on-site visit during the construction your New or Renovated home. Kitchen Design, bathrooms, closets, Furniture designs and specifications, Layout, Stairwells, Interior Architecture and Build-out specification, tiles, flooring, paints &stains, all in, from start to finish!

Starting at $10,000 · 23 hours 5 minutes


Colleen Lake