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An innovative cleaning company that lets you customize exactly what you want cleaned.
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8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Our Services

Move Out Deep Clean
A whole home deep clean for those renters who want to get their security deposit back.
Standard Cleaning
Oven/Stovetop Deep Clean
Has your stove seen better days? This service will leave your oven and cooktop looking like new! ( If your oven has a self clean cycle, this will need to be done before cleaning or extra charges may be incurred.)
Refrigerator/Freezer Deep Clean
Sometimes the beautiful ribeyes you bought for your anniversary dinner leak all over the fridge. Let us take care of that for you, you deserve it!
Cabinet/Countertop Wipe Down
Bacon, am I right? Give your kitchen a facelift with this service. Perfect for those that love to cook, but hate to clean. Splatters happen. (Includes a clean sink!)
Microwave Refresh
It's exactly what it looks like, a sparkling clean microwave.
A dream come true, or maybe a really great magic trick- that sink of dirty dishes will disappear!
Full Kitchen Deep Clean
Our all-inclusive option- oven/refrigerator/freezer, cabinets/countertops, microwave, floor sweep/mop. Treat yo' self!
Bathroom Sink/Countertops/Mirror Deep Clean
Bathroom sinks see A LOT of messes. It's probably time for a deep clean..
Shower/Tub Scrub
It's kind of ironic that all the dirt and grime that comes of the kids, the dog, and ourselves ends up all over the tub. Not to worry, we can have it clean and sanitized in time for your next bubblebath.
Toilet Deep Clean
Toilet duty is usually reserved for the new guy. Don't be the new guy!
Full Bathroom Deep Clean
Our all-inclusive option- sinks, countertops, mirrors, shower/tub scrub, toilet, floor sweep/mop.
Blinds/Window Deep Clean
Nobody likes cleaning blinds! This service includes blind cleaning, window glass cleaning, and a clean windowsill. Price is per window.
Full room dusting. Priced according to the size of room and difficulty.
Ceiling Fan Deep Clean
A complete dust and wipe down or ceiling fan. (must be accessible with small step ladder)
Wall Wipe Down
Have a wall that could use some TLC? We have it! Great for walls behind trash cans, toilets, or even full rooms.
Floor Sweep
It is what it is, priced per room.
Floor Vacuum
Beautiful, fresh carpet! Priced per room.
Floor Mop
Clean enough you can eat off it! But maybe don't do that.. Floor mop includes a pre and post sweep of floor. Price may vary due to size of room.
Baseboard Refresh
A thorough wipe down of all baseboards. Priced per room.
Full Floor Refresh
Our all-inclusive flooring option. Includes sweep/vacuum, mopping, and baseboards. Priced per room.
Carpet Cleaning
A great professional clean with an even better price. Priced per room. Carpeted stairs are $25 a set.
Same Day Emergency Service
Are your in-laws coming over for a surprise visit tomorrow? Ask about our same day service! We will do our best to accommodate your cleaning emergency if possible.

Our Staff

Stephanie Olsen