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Our Services

Pumpkin Vitality Series
Pumpkin Peptide Facial
Pumpkin Apple Peel
C-Stem Cell Oxygen Boost Facial
Customized Express Facial
A stimulating workout that will wake up your skin while considering your personal needs. This facial features a thorough cleanse, skin analysis, and finishes with a custom-tailored skin cocktail and mask.
Customized Express Facial w/Extractions
Men’s Facial
Signature Corrective Facial
Every client is unique and this treatment reflects that by using corrective support that is designed specifically for you. Whether you need anti-inflammatory, antibacterial or antioxidant support, hydration and/or brightening, with each appointment we uniquely design an effective treatment that is truly your own and what you need at that present moment. This facial contains higher concentrations of actives, such as collagen stimulating/freezing peptides, AHAs, flower acids and other intelligent ingredients.
Hyaluronic Collagen Facial
Lighten & Lift Collagen Facial
Pure Collagen Facial
Ultimate Glow Facial
Retreat into 2 hours of pure relaxation. This elevated facial features all the best of what Aesthetic Glow has to offer. Begin your treatment with a glass of champagne or herbal tea and float into bliss. The Ultimate Glow features an enzyme eye exfoliation, microdermabrasion, antioxidant/hydration infusion, and a hand & foot exfoliation for complete head-to-toe rejuvenation.
Uplift Facial
This luxury facial provides an uplifting experience that turns back the clock. Transform your skin with a double enzyme exfoliation, firming protein mask and intense facial muscle stimulation. This facial also focuses on the eye area and includes a hand treatment.
Teen Facial
Post Peel Facial
Collagen Eye Treatment
Your eyes are the first to show your age. Give them the attention they need and deserve. This rejunvenating treatment features a papaya fruit enzyme to lift away cellular build up and hyaluronic acid to infuse moisture into tired, dull skin. This treatment finishes with a freeze-dried collagen mask that virtually irons out fine lines and a freezing peptide eye revitalizer.
Collagen Eye Treatment (Add-On)
Microdermabrasion Facial
Microdermabrasion is a quick, safe, extremely effective exfoliation treatment for all skin types with no downtime, pain or discomfort. Aesthetic Glow uses Aesthetic Solution's Dermaglow II, a state-of-the-art, professional grade crystal microdermabrasion machine, that evenly removes surface dead skin cells. Exfoliation plays a huge role in anti-aging!
Express Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion with Progressive Peel
Signature Oxygen Facial
Microderm Oxygen Facial
Oxygen Therapy Add-On
Epidermal Resurfacing
Epidermal Resurfacing is a professional procedure performed by nurses and aestheticians using a blade to safely exfoliate the skin. This treatment removes cellular buildup and fine facial hair while stimulating collagen, increasing elasticity, minimizing precancerous cells, and allowing for increased product penetration into the skin. Epidermal Resurfacing will make your skin smoother and your home care products more effective!
Express Epidermal Resurfacing
Epidermal Resurfacing with Progessive Peel
Micro-needling, also known as (CIT) Collagen-Induction Therapy, creates a controlled wound that stimulates a healing response. Micro-channels are created on the surface of the skin allowing for direct penetration of collagen-stimulating peptides, protective antioxidants and other vital, beneficial ingredients. New collagen/elastin is then generated to fill the micro-channels. Not all micro-needling devices are created equal, and it is important to know the difference in technique and operation. Aesthetic Glow uses ProCell Therapies Micro-needling device that employs a stamping rather than dragging technique to create more numerous, cleaner, and evenly distributed micro-channels.
Progressive Chemical Peel (Face & Neck)
Progressive peeling is the mildest course of treatment that removes the outer most layer of the stratum corneum with little to no visible peeling. A peel series is recommended and can be repeated up to once a week. This level of peeling is a mild, yet refining and has a cumulative effect. All peels will be selected based on your needs and individual skin care goals.
Mid-Depth Chemical Peel (Face & Neck)
Mid-depth peeling is a more aggressive approach that targets the intra-epidermal layers of the skin. Peeling occurs within 2-3 days of treatment and is similar to a sunburn peel. These peels can be received every 4-6 weeks as needed and offer rejuvenating effects with minimal downtime.
Brow Wax
Lip Wax
Lip & Brow Wax
Lip, Brow & Chin Wax
Lip & Chin Wax
Brow Tint
Brow & Lash Tint
Lash Tint
Lash Lift & Lash Tint
Lash Lift
Baby Foot Add-On
Product Purchase & Pick Up
Gift Certificate Purchase & Pick Up
Hand & Foot Exfoliation
Aesthetic Glow Signature Series
Chocolate Cherry Glow Facial
Candy Apple Peel
Cocoa Candy Glow Series
Full Face Wax
Hand Treatment Add-On
Back Treatment Add-On
Vacation Prep Package
Progressive Chemical Peel (Face, Neck & Chest)
Mid-Depth Chemical Peel (Face, Neck & Chest)
Express Micro Oxygen Pkg of 3
Décolletage Add-On
Half Pumpkin Vitality Series

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