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"Bringing excellence to every patient, every time."
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Our Services

New Patient Evaluation with Diagnostic Testing
Thorough evaluation with full treatment. Services include acupuncture, cupping, myofascial adhesion releases, and chiropractic manipulation.
Return Visit
Most patients begin at the therapeutic stage and exhibit signs of pain and discomfort. Therapeutic care is designed to alleviate pain brought on by both chronic and acute injuries, such as sport injuries, auto accidents, work-related injuries and the micro traumas we experience every day.
Wellness Visit
After patients have graduated from the therapeutic stage, they maintain their spinal health and overall well-being through preventative, wellness care. Often, infants and children are excellent candidates for this type of care.

Our Staff

Kyle Ross
Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Kyle Ross brings a bit of unabashed hospitality to all his patients. He devotes his time and energy making sure your chiropractic experience is effective and tailored to your specific needs.