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PROSPECTIVE/NEW CLIENT: Initial Consultation

An opportunity for an interested practice or practitioner to meet with Daniel Mayer of Mayer Law in person for an introductory meeting and to learn about the services Mayer Law provides practitioners. You can either meet Daniel Mayer at Mayer Law's office, or have him come to your office. FOR NON-CLIENTS ONLY.

Price Varies · 55 minutes


PLEASE READ (very important)! This is for a ONE TIME CONSULT with Mayer Law, only. There will be NO representation of any sort beyond this one-time meeting. If you are even considering being represented by Mayer Law for even more than a single day, this is not for you. This is only for individuals looking for a single, one-hour consult, and no further representation. THERE IS A FEE OF $250.00 FOR ONE 50 MINUTE PERIOD AND IT MUST BE PAID AT THE TIME OF THE MEETING.

$250 · 50 minutes

FOR CURRENT CLIENTS: In-Person Appointment with Mayer Law.

For existing clients who are in need of an appointment with Daniel Mayer and want to have a in-person meeting.

45 minutes

Daniel A. Mayer

Daniel Mayer, principal of Mayer Law, is dedicated to serving healthcare practitioners and their private practices. He also works with individuals facing involuntary civil commitment hearings and navigating the psychiatric hospitalization process. In his free time, Daniel is an avid football fan and an ardent follower of English soccer. He also enjoys reading and watching anything history-related, cooking, and most importantly, spending quality time with his family.